Amara Head & Skin Customizations?

I seem to be missing 1 head customization and like 14 skin customizations. Any help finding the last head? It seems to be the one in the first gameplay video (The neon glasses one).

They just released a new headpiece in the VIP Insider program as well, did you grab that one yet?

If you mean the brick top, then i already have that one

I think you and I are in the same boat with the heads. I’m missing one, and I’m also hoping it’s the one you’re talking about. But my friend sent me this today, so I’m not sure what that last one could be…

In the first pic i seem to be missing the second one and on the third pic the third one. Interesting.

Also missing one head for Amara, and somehow I cannot find any list with all of them.
Ok, here is the video with all of them, and the one missing for me is NOG Mask.


Wake me when there’s an El Dragon head.