Amara Improvements Ideas

So, amara, the siren, the PUNCH siren

shes easily one of the stronger VH’s, but mostly cause she can make elemental weapons hit like trucks due to passive boosts, very strong anointments, and ties that bind

she doesnt really feel like a “punch siren” to me so, in my boredom, i wrote down some changes that i think would spice up her playstyle and make her more than just the Maya 2.0 character, so here we go:

Amara Rework Ideas:

–Inherent Element changes: Amara can change elements on the fly by holding the AS button, either cycling between shock, fire and corrosive in this order, or by opening some sort of quick wheel menu; ALL elements are available from the get go at the top of each skill tree like base Fl4k pets.

edit: Another idea would be to also allow amara to have 2 augments for her AS since element choice would be free, Fl4k has access to a pet choice, skill choice AND 2 augment choices per skill, with the caveat that the augments are tree-specific, whereas amara’s are universal

–Inherent Action Skill dmg: All damaging action skills/augments should have 50% status chance and have the status dmg scale with the ability’s dmg, this includes phasegrasps vs grasp-immune enemies

–Inherent anointment changes: Anointments that proc on skill end should proc on skill activation, duration maybe be increased slightly to compensate for activation animations*(this is a buff for everyone, not just amara, this is REALLY needed and its better than adding more annointments to the loot table to address this issue)*, general elemental damage anointments should have full effect on melee, grenade and action skill dmg(similar to how their bonuses scale with gun damage bonuses) ; Amara’s radiation anointment should get the above benefits and apply to all dmg not just gun dmg; phase grasp nova anointment base dmg and scaling should be increased

–Legendary Class Mod changes:

-Phasezerker: no change, this is the gold standard
-Breaker: flat 25% DR at all times while equipped, doubled for 10 seconds after AS, Using AS causes amara’s shields to go down to 0 and break, good for melee and to force proc on-break shield abilities
-Dragon: add a bonus to Melee critical dmg on top of augment proc, improvements to augments below are enough extra change
-Elementalist: Stronger DoT and bigger AoE for DoT aplication
-Golden Rule: increased the cooldown rate bonus per stack, add critical dmg bonus per stack
-Nimbus: Make the cloud have better base dmg and scaling, remove scaling with weapon base dmg so its consistent, increase cloud size
-Spiritual Driver: Damage bonus applies to melee
-Stone: add health regen based on max health per rush stack as well, about .1% to .2% per stack


–Inherent melee change: better base dmg/scaling(FOR EVERYONE, melee should always do more than tickle enemies or NEED groundbreaker to do meaningful dmg), Roid/Brawler dmg bonuses on other shields must be increased(Ward being the only legendary roid shield with 300% bonus makes it the only attractive shield for true melee in end-game), allow critical hits on weak-spots, reduce melee “auto-aim” to let people aim for weak-spots, critical bonuses apply to melee critical hits; melee attacks should have a good base status chance as they can do elemental dmg via anointments(that would be improved in these changes) + Illuminate Fist from Fist of the Elements skill tree

–Inherent Brawler AS Changes: Cooldown starts right after skill activation, this includes Downfall, Downfall gets the ability to raise its height by holding the jump button, all AS and damaging augments get better base dmg and scaling, augments lose negative effects; glamour no longer makes enemies fully switch faction, instead it should function like the traitor weed from DLC3; Fracture “puddle” base damage and status damage should be increased

-Root to Rise: Same effects + added shield delay INCREASE, melee tree should have at least 1 skill to increase shield delay for better roid dmg uptime

-Personal Space: no change

-Clarity: MAYBE changed to max health based regen instead of missing health

-Arms Deal: Either no changes OR maybe add splash to amara melee, more ranks = bigger AoE, 5/5 = 1m radius

-Samsara: bugfix: currently heals based on missing health instead of max health, this should be fixed + it should proc on phasegrasps, even successful ones and ties that bind chain damage

-Helping Hand(s): Same effects + .4 seconds flat cooldown reduction per rank on melee strike, doubled on melee kill (i.e on 5/5 get 40% DR and reduce cooldown by flat 4 seconds on melee kill, or 2 seconds on a melee hit that doesnt kill)

NO CHANGES to Mindfulness, Find Your Center and Vigor

-One With Nature: Same + half of the elemental resistance to non-attuned elements (i.e if specced into shock, 40% shock resistance and 20% resistance vs other elements)

-Do Unto Others: Better base dmg + scaling, reduce cooldown to 2 seconds or less, better tracking

Jab Cross: doubled duration

-Guardian Angel: No change OR follow GrzesPL’s suggestion and make it work like Zane’s “Old You” ability, that is, instead of ALWAYS procing when going down off cooldown, let the player manually use it by pressing AS button, this way they can save it for when its truly needed, and have its original behavior take place when “Roguelite” mayhem modifier is on

-Blitz: cooldown only procs on successful hits that fail to kill, misses either due to enemy moving or weird tracking/hitting geometry during the lunge shouldn’t proc the cooldown

Mystical Assault:

–Inherent Rush change: Do Harm and Violent Tapestry should no longer have their own stacks, instead they benefit directly from Rush stacks(like Alacrity), Rush stacks should not be consumed after AS and instead slowly decay akin to their behavior with Phasezerker equipped after a grace period of 2 seconds without new stacks; this should make amara a more consistent character and makes her other class mods compete with phasezerker, value per stack of those 2 skills should either be increased or have the max rush stack count be increased
(i.e: Amara has gained a total of 20 Rush stacks from either killing enemies, applying statuses or using Phasezerker/Stone COMs, she uses her Action Skill, gaining all stack benefits, and keeps her stacks , after 2 seconds without gaining new stacks they start to decay)

–Inherent AS Change: All cooldown satrts right after activation, increased base dmg and scaling, augments lose negative effects; Phasecast now works like Rakks/Bloodwing, the projection will home into enemies, focusing enemies at center of cross-hairs on activation time, after reaching the enemies it will “punch” causing a (very) small explosion and dissipate, from there a new projection is created to attack a new different enemy*(maybe have it attack the same enemy if no new targets exist*), at base it can do 3 attacks(original cast + 2 new ones after hitting enemies) and Ascendant and Avatar increase this by 1 each, for tandava these skills increase AoE size instead

–Deliverance Change: see above for inherent change, better base dmg and scaling on projectiles, better tracking and lifetime for projectiles

–Reverberation: see above for inherent change, special effect remains the same

–Tandava: see above for inherent change, special effect remains the same

these change make phasecast feel more like an actual astral projection instead of a weird human-shaped piercing bullet that needs very lucky enemy positioning

-Do Harm: See Above, effect stays the same, increases to AS dmg and scaling should more than compensante for the loss of the possible 99 do harm stacks

-Fast Hand(s): No Changes

-Violent Tapestry: See above, effect stays the same

-Alacrity: See Above, effect stays the same except the doubling occurs on AS use, not on stack consumption

-Transcend: No Change

-Restless: No Change

-Ascendant: See above, no other changes

-From Rest: No Change

-Laid Bare: duration increased to 12 seconds

-Wrath: No Change

-Remnant: One of the strongest skills in the game, dont even know why it has 3 ranks and have often thought it was a more fitting capstone for Fist of the Elements but thats another story, anyways, despite its power it does need some fixing:
-It should proc from melee kills, this is the punch sire after all
-it should lose the weird hidden cooldown it has(bloodsplosion didnt have one, why should this? specially since none is listed), it is very common, specially when using TTB or explosion weapons or explosive action skills(in lower mayhem) to kill multiple enemies in the span of a second and only spawn a single remnant orb and this orb often struggles with another issue:
-The fact that it tracks only one target that seems to be defined at time of death for the enemy it came from and cant switch them mid flight, very common to accidentally kill the orb’s target and it just keeps trying to hit the ground or flies into the air until it dissipates even when there are other possible targets a couple meters away

-Awakening: No Change

-Avatar: See above, add visible second charge instead of ADDING a status that gives a free second cast IF POSSIBLE, otherwise, no extra changes

Fist Of The Elements:

–Inherent AS Changes: GREATLY increased base damage and scaling for grasps on enemies that cant be CC’d, i do mean GREATLY increased; cooldowns should start as soon as a successful grasp attempt(including against CC-immune enemies) is registered; remove augment negative effects

–Eternal Fist Changes: see above + Rework-> Eternal Fist grabs the main target and up to 4 other nearby targets AT THE SAME TIME akin to stillness of mind, killing a grasped enemy increases grasp duration on remaining grasped enemies by 3 seconds

–Ties That Bind: No Change, this is strong enough as is

–Fist of Matter: See above + faster slam speed and GREATLY increased slam base dmg and scaling, maybe slightly increase AoE size

-Anima: make ability not apply to environmental hazard DoTs, barrels are a death sentence for amara with Anima

-Steady Hands: no changes

-Infusion: no changes

-Tempest: no changes

-Illuminated Fist: either no changes or rework to be 75% of TOTAL melee dmg(after every other melee bonus and anointment) added back as bonus elemental dmg to melee attacks

-Wildfire: no changes or slightly increased % chance

-Dread: make the reload give ammo instead of taking from reserves, halved effect on heavies(i.e, only up to 50% of mag returned to to the heavy weapon’s magazine as free ammo, 100% for other weapon types)

-Indiscriminate: no changes

-Deep Well: no changes

-Catharsis: increased AoE size, reduced cooldown, increased base dmg and scaling per status

-Sustainment: make it universal elemental life steal, including melee, tho i THINK it already works as universal elemental life steal despite the “weapon” part of its description

-Conflux: no change or slightly increased % chance

-Forceful Expression: make it also add an extra flat 50% chance to apply a status effect of the attuned element with melee attacks and increase status chance of action skills by a flat 50%

Lots of good ideas but please no extension of shield delay. Not all melee builds use roid shields, mine uses the Frozen Heart ASA.

Thats why i put it on a single skill and one that increases max health, for people who plan on staying shieldless, this way people who DONT want to be shiedless all the time can instead go for Mindfulness for decreased shield regen delay instead, and if they still want more max health too, One With Nature is still there :slight_smile:

GA should proc on end of FFYL or you can proc it manually by pressing AS. Right now this skill is useless, cause it’s on cooldown pretty much all the time, and never active when you really need it.

thats a very good idea actually, incorporating zane’s “old you” mechanic

Would that stop it working during Rogue Lite?

I still wouldn’t be convinced. Right now Root to Rise is the best health boost at a really nice place in the tree, I wouldn’t want to be forced to give it up.

this is all just theorycrafting in the forums, one could argue it’d be possible to put a shield delay increase on Find Your Center Instead, or maybe in Arms Deal instead of my idea of giving melee attacks a splash property

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maybe they could make it so it procs automatically like the current behavior when the rogue lite modifier is on and do the same for zane’s Old You so they retain usability when using that modifier

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Totally. I’d just hate Gearbox to see this thread, say “Oh yeah, we should totally do all that” and then wreck my build. Probably not very likely, but there you go :sweat_smile:

RL has the same/similar mechanic as end of FFYL, it would proc automatically, the same as now.

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I have been recently playing a lot with revelations + TTB and honestly? its very fun! but im constantly thinking about how this play-style REALLY is just a tweaked Maya

These changes i’ve suggested here really are just about increasing the number of viable play-styles, to go beyond just using TTB for its wacky interactions or phaseslam/phasecast for the 300/250 weapon dmg anointments

No changes to allure augment? That skill needs a complete rework probably cause converted allies to draw threat and do two times damage and still be damaged by players.

I would like to see phaseslam count as melee so it procs melee and slam buffs on artifacts.

I would like phaseslam cooldown shortened by 10 seconds.

I would like personal space to apply to phaseslam and phasecast (ttb doesn’t need any help atm)

These three simple changes would make an action skill based playstyle totally viable on m10.

Currently phaseslam is workable but not stellar on m10.


i think u’re confusing allure with glamour. allure is the vortex effect that draws enemies in, glamour, which i mention in my post as needing changes, is the one that makes enemies consider u as a friend

in the post i suggest it to be made to work like the traitor weed from DLC3, that makes enemies stop treating u as an enemy but can still be damaged by you, making enemies deal scaled dmg vs their allies so they arent tickling other enemies would be nice too tho


i’ve considered wanting to make Phaseslam count as melee, but i think its better to just make common slams get all melee bonuses instead and keep Phaseslam as just splash/skill dmg

i do think amara in general needs help with cooldowns, as it stands amara players will feel railroaded into using phasezerker both due to most other COMs being bad and due to phasezerker offering very valuable cooldown rate bonus + the rush stacking, this is why i made that recommendation to make cooldowns start when the skill starts + the changes to Helping Hands

i have also considered, but didnt add to the post but i might, making personal space affect some of her action skills and even melee


Yeah my b I mixed it up and got lost when I read it in the changes. But yeah glamour needs to be revamped like you said and do scaled damage for it to be a last tier augment.

I can see where you are coming from, and having scaled melee damage applied to phaseslam may be ott, but some aspects would be desirable. For instance having an extra element applied, or knifedrain/cutpurse activating would be awesome. As it stands phaseslam is just a little too weak at m10. Certainly in the takedowns. It does a little better with the nova augment, and of course the stinger shield.

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I feel like phaseslam’s long cooldown is partly tied to the 300% ASE anoint or something. Lol. Which just isn’t as much of a game changer anymore. For an AS which actually takes you out of the fight for a second or two (enough that you’re likely to die at the top of the jump if you’re not careful), I feel that long animation is enough of a penalty.

Honestly slam and cast both feel interchangeable to me as far as gameplay loop. Even with the recent damage boosts, they still feel more like “here, let me proc anoints” instead of an actual mechanic.

As god-tier as the red tree/TTB is, that, honestly, should have the longer cooldown of all of them, and they should drastically shorten the other two action skills. The others need to feel more like actual combat loop, rather than having to build around just being able to use them with some regularity, especially considering they don’t come with much crowd control built in. Without reeeeeeally leaning into cooldown, there’s a good 10 seconds or so in the heat of things where anoints have worn off, rush stacks consumed, helping hands/healing expired…

That’s my 2c. I’ve mained Amara since day 1 basically, and I’ve put so little time into cast and slam. They just don’t feel like part of the character when you can only use them so sparingly, with not a ton of payoff. Unlike TTB, which just feels like the Maya we all loved and wanted (ie, fixed a few weaknesses).

I do like the guardian angel change proposal. That would actually make it feel like a thing I needed to get, particularly for Mayhem 10, and the guardian takedown, where sometimes you go down to random **** near the end of a run. It would be nice to have that in your back pocket.

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the main reason this post came about is because i also feel like a good chunk of amara’s kit is just not that good despite how strong she is(its always weird when a character that is not well designed is still VERY strong), true melee(punching) is still very weak compared to what it was in BL2(in big part due to melee shields being very bad this time around), Phastcast/slam still feel like anoint tools as you said, phasecast flying in a straight line means u often hit 1 or 2 enemies per cast(unless using tandava) both of them and their variations still do pretty poor dmg compared to some of Iron Bear’s hardpoint guns and they have very bad cooldowns, specially since variations(and some augments) INCREASE the already poor cooldowns, plus the longer animations that delay that cooldown timer even further

this leads to people being drawn to TTB phasegrasp, the wacky interactions it has with some weapons, the 300 over 90 anoint and now revelations/stinger shield just makes for a much more consistent experience that truly feels like Maya But Stronger™ and while thats fine that this playstyle exists, it sucks that its clearly the best one and completely outdoes others by a LONGSHOT

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