Amara isn't the only one who can break the game

Mine Sweeper x Epicenter

I’m running a splash damage focused build for boss farming and I had this happen a few times.

Some of the mini grenades are hitting for 750k+

Mayhem 4 by the way because I’m farming for a Min/Maxed Raging Bear mod.


I agree that it can have an amazing damage output (have seen some reach 2m); but I still disagree that its “perfectly” balanced due to the fact this is heavily reliant on rng


Thanos Meme


can you share info on the gear your using and skill points? Or is there a link to the build on the forum? I’m still learning Moze.


It’s cool to see stuff like that, but I hate to see borderlands 3 in that all too familiar place already where you’re forced to use a small pool of about 15 items across all playable toons.

Crossing fingers that we see some updates that make gameplay more varied without simply nerfing good combos.

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Mine Sweeper Mod + Multi Hitting grenade.

Skill Allocation

The basic idea is to get grenades that hit multiple times to have multiple chances at landing crits. The crits have a chance of procing mini grenades. The mini grenades can also crit which can cause a chain reaction resulting in massive damage.

I also use all guns with +120% Splash Damage for 18 Seconds after exiting Iron bear. With this my grenades do a ton more damage when I hop out of iron bear and it last long enough until I can get back in Iron Bear.

Grenades I’ve found this works really well with are;

Ghast Call
Notorious Mirv


Well this build doesn’t involve blood letter, deathless or Hex grenades.

This is what my loadout looks like, it’s not even optimized.


Does it work with Hex grenades? They still crit like mad, no?

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@sammantixbb this is probably what happens when you instagank traunt

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Wild. Minesweeper gets ridiculous. I can run a Fire Kybs Worth on the dummy and those bonus grenades get into the double thousands.

Run it Corrosive and they barely hit a thousand.

Omg. That means they double dip in the fire buffs vs flesh.

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This is a good. I can’t tell from the image. Is that a echo or a devastator pistol? I also don’t use a hex or blood letter. I have them in my inventory for special occasions, but my grenade is a maddening homing atlas mirv with a spawn chance with iron bear out. Each throw sends like 20 grenades out. With vampyr, just having IB get hit makes him heal. It’s wonderful.

Yeah. Mind sweeper is under rated so bad. The nades scale with the gun, so mid dmg high fire rate is just amazing. Maggie is super good on there.

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It’s a Devastator, I was lucky enough to get this to drop. I’ve been trying to get something with a higher capacity that I can spam while chucking grenades.

I only play with Amara, Moze & Fl4k. But I realize just how good this was for bossing when I was chunking Mayhem 4 Agonizer with Ghast Call. I didn’t realize at the time that my grenade was repeatedly proccing Minesweeper.

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