Amara kills Wotan in 1 minute - no exploits

I’m just gonna leave this here

Edit: Apparently recursion is basically an exploit vs wotan, so the whole discussion about these clips specifically was likely for no reason.


“No exploits”
immediately starts using the fakegrasp exploit that Gearbox should have fixed ages ago


I feel like gearbox intended that… just like they intended +500% damage on a class mod and +300% damage on weapon anointments… for reasons unknown


To be fair while certainly cheese the devs clearly intend it as they have addressed it…and made it even cheesier (less CD on miss)


yeah it’s intended for sure. apart from this new com and the terror annointments, does amara even benefit much from fakegrasp ?

actually, 100% weapon damage annointments are a thing too

EDit: i somehow forgot phasezerker mod too.

It procs all ASE, so it is definitely extreme cheese as she has a ton of skills that activate or increase on ASE, along with anointments of course too.

But Fl4k can do the same as Rakk charges fast, just less benefit from it.

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Hmm… I have the gear to do this.

In episode 3 of the BL show, Randy starts talking about how there are various projects worked by different groups of individuals. It’s starting to make sense why there’s so many disjointed ideas in this game. It’s concerning that there feels like there’s no quality control, in terms of balance. It’s like the scenario where students grade their own papers and the teacher doesn’t even bother checking the scores.

In defense of fakegrasp cd exploit. It’s more of Gbx answering Amara players’ complaints about wasting a cd. No one saw it as an exploit at that time, but then players used it with Phasezerker and put 1 and 1 together. I don’t think the devs were like “Amara needs to be more powerful” when they made that change to Phasegrasp. Spiritual Driver? Yeah, the f’d that one up.

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I mean I totally understand where that explanation is coming from, but they didn’t once think about ASE anointments? Or ASE skill effects built into her tree?

They’re on record as intending missed grasps to proc effects (ASE anointments, COM abilities, etc.)? That’s a genuine question, as I haven’t watched any of the streams or interviews with the devs.

To add: I know about and completely agree with the players/devs wanting unsuccessful grasps to be refunded. Given how wonky grasping can be sometimes, it’d be unfair to penalize players with a cooldown even if their grasp is unsuccessful. The issue is with unsuccessful grasp attempts triggering other effects as if they were a successful use of the action skill.

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Amara herself is an exploit


Next time will see a fade away copy class mod and maybe next year they release a class mod that transform Amara into an anointed giant to simulate the Iron bear :stuck_out_tongue:. After that, they remove flak, zane and Moze and create a new skill tree with a capstone like seen red, when activating an action skill, all galaxy dies :innocent: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :rofl:



You jest but slap a Messy Breakup on her and she’ll have a more damaging pet/drone than Fl4k and Zane

Meet the new Salvador.


Probably not. They seemed more focus on fixing that problem than the potential outcomes. Devs can’t account for all the players’ actions, but there’s a difference between doing it and not doing it.

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unfortunately that response is very believable… if they literally went into the game and shot a flakker once that situation would have never happened

lol I seriously mean no hate… or like witch hunting or whatever you want to call it… this is just crazy to me lol, mayhem 4 is a joke apparently

Edit: to the mod that moved this to gameplay videos, I understand why and that you see it as that… but this is supposed to spark general discussion, this isn’t just a gameplay so I’ve moved it back


There just needs to be more evidence that this is a real problem.

There needs to be less gaslighting that this is just Zane mains or casual players whining about balance or specific gear and not Amara being broken.


But shes not OP. /s


Thanks for giving me another example on how to exploit this fight with the new Amara com before they fix it.

I’m glad I have every character at max level so I can just switch to whichever imbalanced crap Gearbox leaves in the game on any given week.

Maybe they won’t fix it. Maybe after the unfounded nerfs to FL4K and the over the top nerfs to Moze, they pushed too many people to Amara since she was the only untouched one. And now, if they nerf this new Class Mod like they should, that newfound majority of Amara mains will riot and create a backlash that will blot out the sun.

But seriously they should fix it.


I do want to point out that something like this run requires immaculate gear to pull off. Just slapping on the com does not give the same results