Amara kills Wotan in 1 minute - no exploits

I agree with that. I honestly don’t know if it goes up to 500% damage, as I have not seen the maths on it. It is a fun com as a whole, and allows me to play hyper aggressively, which I love.

It’s kinda depressing seeing this level of damage, considering that the other VHs are pretty far from this level of insanity . . .

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Yep that’s exactly what I’m talking about. I kept reading about how great the Flakker was for the first few weeks after release and looked forward to when one finally dropped for me. Then it was nerfed, but I thought maybe it would still be a great upgrade for me. So something like 10-12 days after they nerfed it, I finally got one with my level 50 Amara. It was extremely underwhelming and disappointing, due in no small part to the 1 round mag.

To be fair, I know it must be very difficult to find a proper balance in a game like this. You have 4 vault hunters with something like 40 skills/perks each. Then you have over 200 legendary items with their perks. Without an open beta there’s just no way to think of all the builds/combos/synergies.

I’d love to see Gearbox implement some kind of public test realm (PTR) like Blizzard has with Diablo 3, with a dedicated forum for PTR feedback. I believe that would help out a lot.


not a bad idea honestly

Nuclear moze wasn’t as OP as the devs said. Took away hex damage AND vampyr proccing. Then reduced flakker clip size. I feel if all the nerfs were put back, m4 would still be a little difficult, but not as insane as it is now. I can’t enjoy my main squeeze moze the way I want to (nuclear splash, bottomless mags). Instead I’m semi forced into iron bear which I hate. I am trying amara more now, but only because I am forced to due to no other VH being able to do anything unless its tediore throwing

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TBH it was to be expected considering how utterly broken amara is right now :stuck_out_tongue:

And be prepared for the incoming tediore nerf, because no mather what, GBX will f**k up this build because it has Moze written all over it.

I agree that the Driver COM is out of line. I have it and have used it, but I did not like the playstyle that much. Damage isn’t everything to me. I’m using mainly Jakobs guns with the Hellwalker and that COM is just bad with guns that rely on Accuracy. Since it is a very specific playstyle, it should not be the default best COM for Amara. I mainly use it to get through a map quicker while farming and rather try to get through the Takedown (M4) with my setup.

EDIT: And by the way, enjoy it while you can if you like it. This will get nerfed and rightfully so.

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I enjoy my Maggie a lot on amara. Probably because my only real playstyle has been the sheriff build. I tried the unforgiven, but enjoy the Maggie way more. Something about pulling that trigger so many times just feels refreshing. I think that’s why I enjoy moze so much. It’s more about the guns, then building stacks upon stacks to do damage. I’d much rather pull a trigger than build stacks and wait on action skill cooldown. Fl4k is the same way. His fade away isn’t constantly spammed for me, but when i use it I go all out lol

I’m prepared for a nerf. I already had the play style before the new COM. This just replaced my Breaker COM and removed the weird melee aspect of it with Jab Cross.

whats your Setup with the hellwalker? I also dont like the new playstyle, expect when im Fighting wotan

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Nerf Amara anointments (300% damage buff, like why?) and nerf fake phasegrasp triggering bonuses/skills.

I’m happy with the other 3 Vault Hunters and I’m a little salty that Amara’s new mod blows Zane’s speed build out of the water.

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My prediction is that they’ll:
1.) Patch the interaction between Rucursion and Indiscriminate (The actual reason this is a one min fight; even without the new mod it’ll do this).
2.) Change the Driver class mod to be additive to only gun damage and not melee/DOT, maybe even lower the bonuses. I don’t think they’ll touch Mindfulness except MAYBE speed decrease.
3.) If they mess with Do Harm stacking, then Tediore builds will most likely be the only builds able to solo the blacksite without mad skills. But who knows if they’ll ever change it.

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That is not true. Without the new mod it will bounce and do amazing things but it then becomes a 10-15 min fight without the new COM. I’ve been using the Projectile Recursion since launch and have used if in the Takedown raid without the new COM.

Do harm isn’t needed for the build to still work.


bigtime is right. it will be a longer fight and worse you will run out of recursion ammo. i run takedown with a phasezerker and i feel the need to switch to driver to take the valkyrie and wotan faster.

Oh I know, I don’t personally use it on recursion runs. Mainly red/green tree. Just pointing out it’s one of the main reasons Amara shines in soloing the raid compared to the others aside from the weapon selection.

Ah okay. I ran with a god-rolled phasezerker and barely noticed a difference with mobs so I just inferred it would be the same with the raid boss.

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Well it might be the same with the phasezerker, that COM also isn’t exactly balanced.

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Might just be semantics but killing Wotan in a minute is definitely exploitative :wink:

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no I actually literally just found out the recursion is basically an exploit vs wotan, any character can use it, amara prob still uses it the best because she’s the best lol, but I just watched a couple people kill wotan in like 4 minutes using nothing but recursions

Check the Mayhem 4 section for my current setup. I’m still missing the ideal Anointments on my gear. Maybe I will have to do some farming after all /sigh