Amara M11 Maliwan TTD Deathless Urad 1hp Build

Hm a hacked Ghast Call xD

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Well, considering during the V-day event, I got lots and lots of golden skulls showing up instead of hearts… The Vindicator Ghast Call isn’t a hacked version.

As far as I know Ghast Call can’t come with anointment.

While the Ghast Call does receive Mayhem Mode scaling, it currently does not spawn with any anointed effects regardless of Mayhem level

Nice gameplay video anyways.


I just got past the second set of crystals in the Guardian Truetakedown… I’ll have to grab a video of my next run through… But that second set of crystals was the only part I was really concerned with on a Deathless Urad run.

Thank Vaulthala for the triple turtle Madcaps!

Yeah, lootlmon says no anointments too. Perhaps gbx updated it and didn’t tell anyone. I’m gutted if they did as I turned off the event to boost performance on my regular ps4.