Amara melee build help?

So im using amara melee build i have pretty much everything to make this build work well but im still not doing huge damage that ive seen videos of im using a 14x facepuncher ase 100% shield is front loader ase 100% melee damage artifacts i’m using are the stone artifacts with melee damage stats using phasecast class mod is phazerker with melee damage roll but im still not downing bosses fast enough should i be using different mod rolls like weapon damage or shotgun damage.I have tried all kinds of combinations like the grave unleash the dragon white elephants i cannot find a way to get damage higher then what it is my guardian rank melee damage is only around 9.00% could that be the reason. I dont no what effect guardian ranks have on builds.Can kill any mobs quick but bosses are a different story.

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Best Com to use is a Breaker.

If you using a White Elephant try to find some Stone with melee and splash rolls.

I’m on ps4, I can give you some stuff if you want.

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so breaker is good with melee i did not know this does the points matter on it or just have one with melee damage on it i have white elephant with melee rolls it still does not up the damage does shotgun damage work with facepuncher or weapon damage nevermind just tried shotgun damage on mod it does not work with facepuncher i have just about everything for melee thanks anyway tho it might be because my guardian rank is not up there yet will have to do some more testing one guy on youtube kills graveward in two shots takes me a clip and half with firestone with melee damage roll on it.

Breaker is good for melee by adding one point to « find your center » skill.

This adds 100% melee damage. Your Gardian Rank stats is good enough.

This is my skill point allocation for Melee Amara. Not sure why you are using Front Loader shield, though try to nab the anoint 200% melee for Amara. Spiritual Breaker class mod is the way to go aboot it.

My gear consist of Brawler Ward shield as it increases melee damage as well as other things when depleted. If you can, try to find that new shield from the latest takedown.

Here is a vid of me testing melee Amara, pardon the language and sound quality:

Thanks for the vid thats almost the same as mine i got a rope a dope that puts 1+ in find your’e center but i dont think its stacking because when i take it off and put on a phazerker with just melee damage it does more damage and i cant understand why because it seems like the 200 damage from find your center would do more damage im going to move a couple of my points around where you have yours and see if that helps thanks .

You want a Redundant Facepuncher with 300/90 anoint. The ASE +100% elemental damage is okay but you get more from 300/90 because you will chunk a huge part of their health the first shot.

For artifacts Stones are fine but you should be using a White Elephant. It’s by far the strongest of the melee artifacts. Commander Planetoid is second.

Also I find it’s better to have a shield with ASE 100% melee than ASE 50% elemental.

I’m running a melee Amara build right now here’s the setup:


  • Skill Tree:
  • Brawler Ward (+300% melee when depleted, ASE +100% melee)
  • Spiritual Driver (3 Mindfulness, +melee damage, +splash radius)
  • Elemental Projector White Elephant (+AOE damage)
  • Redundant Facepuncher (300/90)
  • Fish Slap (ASE +50% rad)
  • Trick Unforgiven (for crit swaps)
  • Ties That Bind with Revelation. Switch elements based on the enemy.
  • Turn off the Guardian skills Shield Reboot and Emergency Response.
  • Any mayhem modifiers work, but you 100% want Speed Demon as your easy modifier. I’m currently doing Speed Demon, Healy Avenger, Ranger Drone, and Not The Face. I still do enough crit swap damage that I can insta-kill Graveward.

Basically a Driver melee build. It wrecks. Check it out…

I have slightly different gear in this video, this was when I first started doing this build.

I don’t even have the best rolls. God rolls would be a level 1 Ward (identical to mine otherwise), Driver with splash damage (instead of Hyperion crit damage), level 60 EPWE with melee damage and movement speed (instead of fire damage and electrocute change), and a Trick Unforgiven with the elemental nova anoint (though IDK if this would actually work, needs testing, otherwise 300/90 would probably be the best). Also a cryo Fish Slap so that you can freeze enemies and do more damage (current one I have is rad). But OMG this grenade alone does MASSIVE damage, even at level 57. BTW you want the ASE rad on your grenade because it makes enemies explode when you kill them, which combined with your splash bonuses means you can one shot an enemy, they explode and kill everything around them.

Mind explaining why 300/90? Doesn’t it only apply to the pellets that hit while over 90% potentially losing some damage? Or does it get applied to the fishslap and that’s your source of big damage?

Both. When my shield is depleted and EP is active, you just sprint jump and one shot most enemies. 300/90 let’s you do this.

Also IDK what ASE element the OP has but he should go with cryo for the most damage.

You got the Guardian perk that adds some of your gun damage from the last 5 seconds?

Im using 14xase 100% weapon damage and using cryo stone white elephant. Why does everybody have 3 points in mindfulness if you are using brawler ward is it not better to have shields not recharge quickly.I have a x7 3/90 facepuncher does it have to be 14x because that guy is stingy with these facepuncher drops.What about that new guardian melee skill how does it factor into this does facepuncher count as weapon damage meaning i can shoot a bunch of white elephant stickies and then do blitz will it do huge damage or does it not work with facepuncher.One other what about these fishslap grenades i have a bunch but only one 60 with ase cryo damage how do these work do you just throw at them because when i throw them they dont do alot of damage they will freeze enemys tho i can can kill 3 bar enemys with single shot of my facepuncher but bosses i can kill pretty quick but i have seen people one shot graveward without critswapping remember the hulk movie where the guy says have you seen what he turns into i want that i need that.

Using x14 because each pellet is 30% White Elephant proc, also it does more damage than x6. Mindfulness with Spiritual Driver CoM, the CoM inflicts your Action Skill Element on yourself damaging you. Which in turn gives you mindfulness to increase your speed. It also eats your shield so you can get Brawler Ward effects. The CoM also gives you more damage the faster you move.

Not sure about the Guardian Ranks since I don’t have that rank and i often opt not to use them for testing.

With the Driver, when I dot myself once my shield breaks it stays broken for a very long time. The passive healing from Ward (4% when depleted) and the few points from Clarity (class mod), completely negate the DOT on your health so your shield breaks and you just sit at full health.

If I had a level 1 Ward it would be better because it would break almost instantly after I DOT myself.

You don’t necessarily have to have a Redundant Facepuncher, but it does more DPS.

Fish Slap takes the damage from your melee, so I think the level doesn’t actually matter. Ideally you want a cryo Fish Slap with ASE rad, because (for my build) you want things to explode when they die to kill other things. ASE rad does that. If you do cryo you don’t get novas when you kill stuff and mobbing is more work.

Thanks you this is good to know about the dot damage i have alot to learn about these melee builds the shield breaks but then heals health at same time .i am having trouble getting the 300% brawler ward i think they changed this because i have killed graveward over 200 times and he will not drop one he does drop a180% and a80% one tho i have asked a few other people and they have not seen one of these in a long time they might have nerfed the melee damage from 300% to 180% or it must be extremely rare i do have a phaseslam 180% one with 200%ase melee damage seems to work well tho anyway thanks.

The 300% is just rarest than the 180%.

I found two yesterday while looking for a 200% melee after phaseslam.

Okay thanks good to know i thought it might have been changed how rare is this thing im now over 240 kills on graveward i might just have to make do with the 200% 180 damage one i have because he stingy asf.

I’m using the unforgiven trick to farm him.

Also have a double lucky relic, I know it doesn’t work on drop rates by maybe it works on rare weapons parts.

Take a look at this article.

It made me, finally, want to use the facepuncher as a primary weapon.
And like Moxsy, I prefer the dynamics of Phasegrasp and Ties that Bind.