Amara Melee TVHM M3 experiences

A question for the (other) Amara melee users and their experience in TVHM M3.

Does this sound correct? I feel like my (lvl 50) Amara is pretty much decked-out, can’t think of any major improvements I could make to my build.

I got a Unleash the Dragon artifact so I can reliably kill most enemies.
I got an anointed (phaseslam + 200% melee dmg) COV pistol with +120% melee dmg
I got a good annointed shield with +300% melee dmg after phaseslam
Skills are all optimal as well. (Elemental build)

Still fighting 5+ enemies on M3 is a bit of a pain in the ass. It mostly goes like this:

  1. run up and phaseal am in the middle of the group
  2. Punch the first badass maybe 2 or 3 times
  3. Get one shot because there are like 3 badass commanders or COV rocketlauncher guys and the screen goes green/yellow/white
  4. Guardian-angel up (get maybe one more hit in) and run to cover to get guardian angel up again.
  5. Rinse and repeat.

Is that the experience you have as well? It’s a bit boring tbh… I can’t really oneshot bigger enemies even with Unleash the Dragon and I get downed (and helped up again with guardian angel) quite a lot, in fact it’s the norm simply on account of larger enemy groups.
Or is that just the expected experience with a squishy melee build like that? I feel like, gear-wise their isn’t much to improve here…

Looking forward to your take on this :smiley:

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Share a link to your build?

Sure! Here is the skill tree: Skill Trees

I run with Buttplug rather than an anointed pistol. A bit less burst damage, but more consistent damage.

Ward regen on top of passive skilltree regen keeps me alive as long as I don’t stand in one place too long.

Phasegrasp holds badasses in place long enough for me to wear them down.

If there’s a large group of enemies, step back and chuck a few grenades or spam Cutsman to thin out their numbers before diving back in.

The only thing that gives me trouble are specific anointed, particularly Tinks, because they are immune to dots and refuse to stand still. I usually have to clear everything else out first, then grasp them and chip away at their health with melee.

I don’t bother with Phaseslam with her, but I don’t have any good annointed weapons that actually make use of it yet either. Ties That Bind is her best mobbing skill anyway. I also don’t use Unleash the Dragon since her survivability tanks hard without a life stealing relic. I’ve quit playing my melee Amara though, and it’s not because of damage or survivability, but because with the Face Puncher, a life stealing relic and two points in Sustainment, every single time I shoot an enemy with the gun, it makes a super annoying PING PING PING PING sound that it does not make with any other combination. The Face Puncher does not do this without life steal, but with it, having the sound on makes the game unbearable.

I can’t talk about meele part much but infusion doesn’t work with substainment, so you are losing some healing by taking infusion and Dot spread by wildfire are pretty bad. So take indiscriminate, that’s a pretty good skill.

Personal space is crazy good so I would not skip it. And maybe skip mindfulness to use roid Sheild?

My build would look more like this and use fist over matter since ties that bind does not work with samsara to help and singularity to get the most of samsara

That’s pretty much my build, except I only take 2/3 Clarity with 3/3 Mindfulness. Also, I can’t imagine someone playing as Amara and melee (especially early) without Personal Space. What? She’s the shotgun user of the game, and that’s the skill specifically for that.

Samsara and Soul Sap for survivability, Buttplug for consistent damage (does more damage if hit in the back), Brainstormer or Kill-o-wisp to shoot in enemy clusters and get down their shields. Brawler Ward shield that gives +300% melee strength when depleted (Graveward drop).Corrossive as your element to get down the armor from the rocket launcher zealots and sawblade militants, the El Dragon artifact will still trigger fire DoTs. Cryo grenade (i use Hex). Or you can use Quasar aswell for crowd control, since it will send enemies flying. Keep an eye on the minimap (very important), and always search out the Badass Zealots first. Those rockets are insane… No need for Sustainment, instead invest enough points in the blue tree to get Action Skill cooldown from Restless AND Soul Sap for healing. Ive completedSlaughter Shaft about 5 or so times so far using this particular build. Only modifiers I reload are 2 projectiles (waaaay too many rockets), -50% incendiary and sometimes +45% health,armor,shield IF it also will have -shock, -corrosive. No need in prolonging the experience so much.

EDIT : Build looks like this :

My build is quite different. I take personal space and Jab Cross for increased gun damage, which I will resort to using for shields and armor. I do not take mindfulness because I want my shields to be down. The health on one with nature is worth it IMO.

Here is mine and a couple of play throughs.

@0:01 - Good Modifiers @7:15 - Bad Modifiers

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Hej thank you all very much for your builds, that’s very helpful.

I guess one thing to take away is that no one is running a pure melee build. And, on reflection, that was a terrible idea i guess lol I was trying to use no guns at all.

I was running blue builds as well but didn’t like it. The reduced cooldown for action skills wasn’t worth it imo over the lack of other (red) abilities. But maybe I should give soul sap another try…

Brawler shields is another good point, imma try to get one and I sold all my life stealing artifacts, will see if they are better then dragon unleashed :thinking:

Get yourself a Facepuncher and Thunderball Fist. Both weapons scale their damage from your melee damage.

I absolutely hate Gearbox’s skill calculator on their webpage so I use a different one. Here is a build you would want for melee Amara:

On the green tree you 100% want Personal Space, it’s by far her single best skill. Root To Rise, Arms Deal, and Helping Hands will make you super tanky. Obviously Find Your Center is needed because it’s the melee skill. Mindfulness will make you fast, and since you will be in the thick of it always taking damage it should always be active and usually max stacks. It also helps make you a bit more tanky. Guardian Angel because you will need the safety net as you will almost definitely go down taking all the aggro. I usually play super aggressive until I go down, GA activates and saves me, then I play a bit more cautious until it’s back.

On the red tree, Anima, Tempest and Wildfire will boost your elemental damage. Illuminated Fist is needed because it’s the other melee skill, and it adds elemental effects to your melee. Dread you want because phasegrasp is the superior action skill, but if you really don’t want to use that you can skip this one. Deep Well is just 1 point and it boosts magazine size, which you should always be using an elemental weapon of some kind anyway. Indiscriminate is an amazing mobbing skill, and will really help you when you are in the middle of a fight. Sustainment is necessary to stay alive and maintain your tankiness. Forceful Expression adds elemental effects to your guns, it’s like Infusion but without the drawback of converting damage, it just adds on to it.

Brawler Ward is the best shield for this. You want a relic that boosts melee damage obviously. And weapons with bayonets for bonus melee damage. Of course you can go with anointed weapons that give bonus to melee after phaseslam, but the catch is you have to use phaseslam which is probably the weakest skill she has. If you wanna min/max your melee though, have at least 1 weapon with this anointment and only equip it when you phaseslam. The rest of the time you should be using Facepunch/TBF.

Cutsman is complete ass. IDK why people say this gun is so good. I got 2 of them, fire and corrosive, and they were just awful weapons. You are better off finding a Crossroad with elemental effects honestly.

I haven’t ran into that many problems with melee. I have Face Puncher but mostly use my Butt Plug for melee hits. I have a Anointed Cutsman that has 200% melee damage after phaseslam as well. Anointed Brawler Ward, Unleash the Dragon Relic and Breaker Mod. Staying on the move with the melee is key for me. I’ll chuck grenades if I need to heal.

You could try using the Lifesteal relic if you have one. Every melee hit heals you but I can’t remember the name of it…

@thesuicidefox oh thats neat. :smiley: I havent seen a melee build that goes that far down the red tree. I might try that actually… thanks

and to be clear, I don’t have particular problems with my build, it’s just that on M3 my Amara feels super squichy and the combats a bit repetitive. But perhaps that’s to be expected. One-shot punching works great without mayhem, works on Mayhem 1 and (to some extent on M2 as well) but on M3 stuff just takes too many hits to kill while also one-shotting me - sooo run to cover it is I guess :roll_eyes:

It thise game is any like previous Borderland, don’t expect to turn into a Samurai relying only on melee, that’s not the way of borderland. Melee will become a gap closer, a finisher, but your gun will still be your main source of damage


I find Clarity to be really underwhelming in practice, especially when you’re using Samsara. One With Nature is a very good skill, more health plus elemental resistance makes Amara that much harder to kill. I value it a lot more than Clarity. Personal Space and Jab Cross are big gun damage increases for bursting down heavy enemies with shotguns, and Jab Cross increases your action skill damage by a lot, Phaseslam can reliably kill squishy enemies and bring heavies within kill range with the damage buffs from Jab Cross and Do Harm. I fully invest in Do Harm, both it and Jab Cross also increase Revelation damage.

Initiate with Blitz to activate Jab Cross, pop Phaseslam for damage and Samsara stacks, then punch away at squishies and shoot the ■■■■ out of heavier enemies until they’re in melee kill range. I’d recommend using shock as your action skill element for those heavy shields that everything in TVHM/M3 has.

I use the skill cooldown in the blue tree because in combination with Guardian rank CD perk and me having some CD bonuses on my gear, I can have a very high upkeep time for Helping Hands dmg reduction and pretty much 100% upkeep time for Find Your Center melee range increase. Only reason I went with that.

Depends on the Cutsman, I got one with reduced charge time and increased projectile speed rolls and it shreds everything in its way.

Also just in general, the go-to godly rolled relic for melee Amara seems to be Knife Edge White Elephant, the proc chance on the sticky bomb seems low at 30% but it still happens frequently enough and like Unleash the Dragon it carries over a reduced effect to Face-Puncher shots for each individual pellet, so you can stack a ton of damage on a boss before they detonate, and the Knife Edge effect will heal you for 75% of the damage the whole while.

@redorigin Yea the charge time and projectile speed are what ruin the Cutsman for me. Like it’s okay, but compared to pretty much every other SMG I’ve been using it’s just not good.

As for relics, yea those are good picks for sure. I couldn’t think of any off the top of my head. But the build I put up takes both melee skills and goes down the red tree for Sustainment, which is a built in life steal. If you go pure melee you’d need the relic, but for a normal “melee” build you will indeed still be shooting stuff from time to time.

@r.fuzzo I completely forgot about the green tree capstone LOL. The one I posted before is more or less the one I run. It let’s you play melee Amara but you can also expand to other tactics without needing to respec. Here’s a better one for JUST melee Amara.

Basically the same thing but you take 5 points from the red tree (Forceful Expression, Dread, and Sustainment) and continue down the green tree to get Blitz. Maxing out Arms Deal will let you tank those RL badasses and most other attacks from the big enemies on M3 (especially when combined with the other green tanky skills). The 2 points in Clarity will make up for the removal of points from Sustainment. If you use a life steal relic like @redorigin suggests you could put these 2 points to Jab Cross, maybe even pull more points from the red tree to max it out (though IMO Sustainment and Indiscriminate are too good to just give up like that).

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I got a different class mod and changed my build to resemble yours much more.
Here is a video of Slaughter Shaft round 5, so you can see how it works (or doesnt). I guess a visual representation sometimes is better.
I do have a +50% melee modifier, but the run wont be that much different even without it.
Still cant believe that I only got 1 legendary during an entire 5th round lol

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