Amara moxsy build 2.0 grolls

Here Are some pics of items I got.
Im looking for:

Light show rad or kinetic with 200 asa
Frozen heart with ass break/fill shield ability
Stinger shield with ase
Globe trottr with splash damage or 200 asa
Smog with 1% , 200 asa
Flipper or root with 200 asa (depends on the element please show pictures )
Reflux with 200 asa
Kaoson 200 asa of con hit (already got a couple please show picture )
Level 60 pearl relic with mag size and reload speed
Sandhawks with 50/150 , asa 200 , cob hit
Beacons x2 with con hit 200 asa or splash 200

Let me know or show what you got :+1:

I can hook you up with the frozen heart for you old god shield. But i wont be on till around 5 est today. Can you hold it for me?

Yeah sure :+1: thank you

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I’d love one of those recursion and the first driver. Think I have some of that stuff you want

I have the kerosan, flipper and root

Awesome Can you show me some pictures ? :slight_smile:

If it’s easier, you can join my game and I’ll drop it all for you

That kaoson is nice you got the flipper and root also with 200 asa anointment ?

Those are those ones I got with ASA

Oke ill stick with the kaoson then.

Alright the 2nd driver would be great. Anything else you need cause I really need the elem victory rush and x2 recursion please

Have any other kaoson sandhawks light shows lightspeed or plaguebearer ?

Got lots of sand hawks, and light shows

What are you looking for in the sandbawk

Also this flipper

Well con hit , 200 asa mostly but 50/150 also works

Yeah awesome I like those :slight_smile:

Trade for the fire recursion, second driver and shotgun damage victory rush? 3 for 3?