Amara moxsy build 2.0 grolls

:+1: sounds good you on in 2 hours ? Going out for dinner first

Yeah, I’ll be on. Gamer tag, Cowwyydude. Just jump in a game with me. I can see if I got anything else for you too.

whats your GT?

Mrbs87 and yours ?


I got a root with asa the 2 elements on it are fire and corrosive. Would you be willing to trade for the second driver?

Are you online atm ? I added you just now correct ?

What is the damage on that root ?

I’m on and ready to trade

I’ll go check right now gimme 2 minutes

I just added you correct ?

I didn’t see any add

Im not on right now, at work but i checked my account and your there. :+1:

Ah I do see the add

Send the shield , just send the frozen heart when you can👍

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If you send me the recursion, second driver and victory rush I’ll send your stuff right over

Will do friend. As soon as i get home which will be around 5. Thank you.

Send you a message on Xbox :+1:

That con hit root I like :slight_smile: