Amara > Moze at Slaughter Star 3000

I actually think that Amara might be the best character for beating the Slaughter Star 3000. Last night, I tried Amara for the first time on the Slaughter Star 3000, and beat all 5 rounds 3 times (with different modifiers) and only ever died once. I rarely even went down. AND my Amara times are significantly faster than my Moze times. Here is what I tried, is there a build that is published using this stuff yet?:

Guns: Brainstormer (Most Important), Hellfire, and Crossroads.
Legendary Mod: Ledgendary Phaszerker
Shield: Transformer

Action Skill: “Ties that Bind” with “Stillness of Mind”
Key Skills: All cooldown and damage increases and get 5/5 in “Sustainment” for 20% lifesteal.

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Yeah, it’s currently her most played (and covered in the forums) gun build.

Hmm, I can’t find the “gun build” on the forums. Will you link that conversation about it?

It isn’t 100% up to date, though.

Thanks for linking. I did find this one. This isn’t what I’ve built, but it might be better than what I built? Maybe I should make a build thread (I just assumed that all possible ideas were already posted)?

What I built maxes the RED skill tree and focuses on phaselocking the entire battlefield consistently throughout the fight. The Brainstormer just melts everything at the same time. And Brinstormer with Sustainment makes Amara immortal (close to the level of Moze, but with massively higher DPS than Moze).

This YouTuber posted basically what you have been using as your build a while back. And I’ve been using it for a while. It’s damn good


Actually, that build looks super close… It is so strong!!! Is our goal to stay quiet about it so that it doesn’t get nerfed? Why isn’t there a formal build post yet?

Well â– â– â– â–  makes me regret selling the two brainstorms that dropped. Seems like my source for legendary effects is bad. Also that is what is happening when I use the Projectile Recursion.

Yes, sadly, the Brainstorm shotgun is absolutely mandatory for the build. But this build is at least as strong for Circle of Slaughter as Moze’s Bloodletter build was before the nerf. I’m not even sure that it takes much more effort.

Not talking about the build, I run my own builds. I just didn’t test the weapon and thought it wasn’t anything special.

Ya, the Brainstorm is awesome, you should try to find another one. And I also try to do my own builds, which is how I stumbled upon this crazy interaction.

That build does basically the same thing you describe but doesn’t specifically mention the Brainstormer. It phasegrasps/-locks the entire battlefield, melts everything while healing from damage done. The builds might differ in the skills chosen, though.

New build guides are always welcome, we could use some more variety in that regard.

I’m not disputing that there are similarities. But with the build that I’m referencing (like the one in the Youtube video), the “Brainstormer”/“Sustainment” combo makes it very hard for the enemies to reduce Amara’s healthbar, and is the crucial aspect of the build. 5/5 in “Sustainment” with the “Brainstormer”.

In the rare instances that there are enough of them targeting Amara, then you just use the “Ties that Bind”/“Stillness of Mind” combo to stop them all from shooting (simultaneously), while you melt them all (simultaneously).

For anyone out there that has seen this. After testing, the build in the Youtube video is even better than what I had built. Credit to the maker of that content, and I’d use it for a starting point for a non melee Amara build. With this build, Amara feels stronger than Moze in Circle of Slaughter content. I simply can’t believe that no one is talking about it.

The problem when running Infusion and Sustainment is that Infusion reduces healing via Sustainment. Without Infusion and instead matching elements specific to enemy weaknesses, you wouldn’t need to invest that many points into Sustainment and get the same amount or even more healing from it. With the Brainstormer and Infusion, only 20% of the remaining 60% shock damage will get converted into life steal.

lazydata is running it. sometime he uses ties that bind and sometimes fist over matter.

So I got a brainstormer and tested it int he Slaughter shaft. Here are my thoughts.

The gun is good with my build, which is similar the the immortal hellfire build. However, it is much, much weaker than the Projectile Recursion. Projectile Recursion has a small charge up, but does 30k to 50k on ricochets. That’s with and without phasegrasp active and no anointment gear. Projectile Recursion seems to do more damage after each ricochet and can 2 shot an entire group of badasses and anointed enemies.

Brainstormer is better at keeping me alive though. Because the charged shot from Projectile Recursion can sometimes miss, I won’t get healed. Brainstormer is pretty good at that, be it at a much slower rate. Brainstormer can also go through walls, but sometimes enemies are too far away to get zapped and that’s when the Projectile Recursion would still ricochet.

By the way this is with out gun or elemental modifiers in TVHM M3.

Why do people act like they didn’t get this build from Sin Tee? it’s been out for over a fortnight now and is the most used Amara build.

In that yotubers defense his first version of the build which was basically the same except the Brainstormer came out before sin tees build…

Oh and yeah I had no doubt recursion could have been just as good with this build. It camera to my mind after having success with brainstormer and also thought about the compressing kill of the wisp (fires two instead of one for same ammo consumption roughly with an insane DOT)) just haven’t had good versions to try them out yet but got lucky with a 50% incindiary brainstormer

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