Amara > Moze at Slaughter Star 3000

Not everyone clings to every word of the internet darling of the week. This is a video game, not quantum physics, it’s extremely likely that players will stumble onto similar builds that work well by simply reading the text on skills and guns.

I like to believe that gamers aren’t stupid and can figure stuff out on their own, but if the quality of gamers today really is at a point where you can’t imagine anyone can throw together a build on their own, then I’m gonna go cry a little lol


The kill of the wasps still sucks, because it can’t be ricocheted like Projectile Recursion or Brainstormer.

Ah that’s good to know

Why do people think that only youtubers can come up with builds? Why do people think that everybody watches all the borderlands 3 youtuber channels?

There are a lot of smart players who can figure out and come up with great builds just by looking at skill/gear texts. There are theorycrafters in this forum. I’m sure there are a lot of people who feel that coming up with their own builds is part of the fun. But not everyone watches youtube guides or reads/posts in forums or reddit or wherever.

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What @gr355i145h35 and @Henchmen4Hire said are point on. I only watch a video to see the potential of how fun a new character can be. But it’s only a few minutes and I do the skills myself, as I’m sure most people do.

Awesome link man!
This build is definitely good and just improved my performance! :smiley:

Though, skillwise, I did change

from: 5 Violent Tapestry
to: 4 Violent Tapestry, 1 Do Harm

This way my Phazerker benefits from 10 more Rush Stacks! :slight_smile:

Do Harm won’t give 10 more rush stacks it will just give another way to keep the stacks. Max will always be 25. 10 from having Do Harm/Violent Tapestry, 10 from Avatar, and 5 from the class mod.

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Mm… I was indeed not paying attention all this time…
But now that you mention it… I check more carefully and… yes you right! :open_mouth: Damn hahah :confused: