Amara multi-purpose build thoughts - 9/23

So the purpose of this build is to do decent CC for groups (mostly the annoying annointed buggers), without sacrificing much damage/tankiness.

Using Phasegrasp, Revelation, and electrical element while stacking corrosive and fire element weapons.

I hate trying to cycle through my weapons to try and get the appropriate element to match constantly, so with this set up I can nova the shield off and just nuke with whatever the bottom layer of health is.

With the low cooldowns on phasegrasp the action skill bonuses should have nearly 100% up-time as well.

This is more of a general, multi-purpose, build until enough gear is farmed up to go into a more specific role.

I’m sure there are some flaws and wasted points in it atm, so I am very much open to any suggestions and tweaks to it.


The link comes up with no skill points spent on iPad browser.