Amara needs buffed

She’s a Siren right? Lilith beat borderland 1 and two, punched a moon and made it explode. Maya beat borderland 2 and was only killed because she planned it. Angel controlled two games and also only died because she wanted to. Tannis does whatever the heck she wants with no fear of anything. Nyriad killed all the Eridiads and trapped all the vault monsters. Ava just got started but Lilith gave her an entire army and the responsibility of the date of the future. Because she’s a Siren. Troy and Tyren were only beaten my a team of Sirens and a galactic army. What can Amara do? Kill a bunch of bandits and weak Maliwan soldiers? She’s stronger than Commandant Steele probably. But come on. With max shield, health, damage resistance, any vault hunter from bl2 could still one-shot her with any gun or grenade from a bullymong pile. And she’s a seasoned warrior. She needs buffed. She can’t even break big walls with a punch. She can’t slap Ava and take leadership, I tried. She can’t tell Tannis what to do, I tried and tannis said stop loitering. Eden 6 is a moon, I maxed a melee build, punched the ground like eight times and only killed a couple baby dinosaurs. #buffAmara


Uhm… guess a lot of people will hate me for this (at least for BL3), but since Borderlands 1 I’m a Siren fan. It’s not different for BL3 either. I feel really sorry for saying this, I don’t know if I can ever forgive this for myself, but storywise, as her personality, etc, Amara is… nah man. Sure, she is my main, barely knew what she will be like, but still, she feels somehow different. Regarding to buffs, I still say no. Other characters needs to be buffed to Amara’s level instead, which is happening constantly. I know and felt how OP she was, specially after game release. What I don’t like and I told this a lot of times, why does everybody’s asking nerfs on Amara, instead of asking buffs on their characters. Fix what it’s broken, that’s okay, but why they asking for nerfs? Since there’s no downvote option, tag me, because I’m really curious, after almost an year, why do people ask nerfs on Amara (still I say, it’s okay to fix what’s broken, so don’t include that), instead of asking buffs on their character. Also been curious, why do people hate on Amara except her being “different” from other Sirens.

Edit, 'cause I had to include this:
For the TL,DR section: “Me yes, you no”
-Handsome Jack-

You realize scaling simply works differently in those two games, right? Besides, even with having a 20 levels lower level cap and much less steep scaling, Amara can still hit the visual damage cap which, mind you, is actually the same in both games and she does in fact still easily achieve the kind of damage number neccessary to one-shot the tankiest builds of Bl2 (that being a particular Krieg build that gets up to about 3 million health iirc).

What I will give you is that she needs some rebalancing. She’s so heavy on the crowd control and mobbing stuff that she is best against bosses who come with loads of minions but she kind of lacks single target damage.

Also, keep in mind that Amara is kind of an ass. Like, I’m not a fan of Ava but god help us if Amara takes leadership. Admiral Holdo from The Last Jedi would be an inspirational genious by comparison.
I don’t think any of the Bl3 Vault Hunters really have great leadership skills, but if Moze, Zane or Fl4k were to take command of the Sanctuary 3, at least they wouldn’t have people mutiny within 20 minutes.


We would have a C-Team of NPC’s lmao

I am a Zane player but I also have an Amara save file which I use to test the waters on new DLCs and raids. And I really do enjoy playing Zane but I don’t want him buffed.

His clone was the last thing to get buffed and the newest raid? My clone kills everything and even takes damage for me. The enemies in the final boss don’t even look at me. It was TOO easy.

I miss when cryo Zane was the go to because I had to actually shoot things myself. I felt there was more weapon variety as well thought I think that’s more to do with weapon changes than VH ones.

I like having a strong option that doesn’t just delete the enemy immediately.

Now there were op builds on BL2 - no dispute there. But you could play any of the vault hunters and have viable builds for all of them. My friend even ran Melee Maya at one point while I went full Hyperion.

Amara, my one right now, walks into Killavolts club and just slaps his cheeks. And the poor guy can’t do anything about it. And while I don’t have perfect gear that the streamers use, it’s literally just all about the anointments.

I would rather nerf the VHs so that higher difficulties are actually challenging. I love planning my cryo, who I was going to freeze then focusing on hitting those crits. My Zane now though? I can just sit there and let the clone do the work.

I could go back to the cryo build but it feels massively underpowered compared to the clone shield build I have. There isn’t a middle ground - at least for Zane I feel. I hear flak and moze are in really good spots too.

Just bring them all to a neutral level that encourages players to have to think more on how to play.

Also I don’t agree that Amara needs buffed…since the start of the game, she has never had a moment of weakness. She has always had a really strong build.

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Nope. OP is also confusing lore and story with gameplay mechanics, which also can’t be compared between BL games. The scaling is massively different between each one.

I’mma throw this out there…while that MIGHT be accurate to a MINOR degree, I’m 100% certain that she was going to “pass on her powers” when Ava was ready… she was not.

(Thank you for your time. My weekly “remind the writers of their failure” quota has been reached)

As for Amara needing a Buff, I’m not really in agreement. I find that on Mayhem 10, she has an incredible amount of survivability compared to other characters and that is with me being extremely lax on how I built and geared her.

I think there are some things to be desired, but if the player had strength equal to warping a city (a feat that could only be done by using a high amount of concentrated Eridium) or blowing up/teleporting an entire moon (which was just a dumb moment, but a’ite) then ALL challenge and balance would be thrown out the window and Amara would just be a God.