Amara new skill tree concept

Action skill

The prettiest brick - Summon 6 siren arms from your back. Punch your enemies into submission. Counts as a melee attack, can be buffed by all melee stat increases. Kinetic splash damage elemental augment allows you to damage enemies in an area of effect. It will also get buffed by exposive and area of effect damage increases.

Action skill augment element - Kinetic splash damage

Cap stone

Mindsplosion Overkill damage from the prettiest brick creates a nova matching your action skill element augment.

General skill tree stats
These are the stats and general ideas this skill tree will focus on

Melee attack speed, melee damage, melee lifesteal, heavy weapon damage, splash damage, splash damage taken reduction, heavy weapon reload speed/fire rate, heavy weapon free shots, augment kills with the prettiest brick regen heavy weapon ammo, kills with heavy weapons increase melee damage etc

**Build concept **

If you are using kinetic splash damage with The prettiest brick and mindsplosion you can gets some nice chain kills like kreig in bl2 but not as broken. The prettiest brick can work with the Blitz capstone.

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