Amara offline power

When i go offline on my ps4 i am hitting thing clear over 250k and one punching most things in mayhem 3 TVHM but when i go online i can’t punch over 50 - 60k anyone know why pr if there is a bug? I have been trying to figure out forever now why i can’t hit as hard online as i can offline. Any help would be appreciated. It is a huge damage difference when i change between the two.

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Simple. Online has hot fixes applied. Once they release their next big patch I expect all of that will balance out and you’ll no longer do the crazy offline damage either.

Not quite as simple, i’ve gone through their hotfixes and none of the apply to amara’s melee damage at all unless their throwing in mystery balance changes to amara i am unaware of?

Like im fine if they nerfed it i just noticed the massive damage increase when i lost internet the other day and had to play offline. I figured it was because i was missing a hot patch, i went through them though and couldn’t find anything about nerfing amara’s melee dmg. That’s why it’s weirding me out.

Like any past game with a hot fix or patch, sometimes things get missed. One person is writing the notes and mistakes happen.

Pretty big damage nerf to miss hahaha all good though

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Huge parts of the game were changed between gold status and the release of the game. Parts of that get applied via hotfix. There’s no need to publicply document changes from before release. And there were smaller smaller hotfixes in between that never got their own notes either.

I’m having the same problem, went online today since release date… And I’m disappointed. In TVHM M3 the drop rates are far lower but that I can stand. What I don’t get is why did they need to shadow need Amara Melee damage…

Oh it 100% got shadow nerfed. But i just made a different amara build and it’s really good.