Amara Orb Skill bugged for Hemovorous

Went to solo the new raid boss with Melee/Orb Build and found two things consistently off with the performance:

tl;dr This happened

  1. The orb (first stage, not upgraded via skill tree alts) when redirected via melee at the Boss or it’s counterpart Vermivorous, glitches underneath the bosses and does not do AOE or contact damage. When they’re grounded, it just sits beneath doing little to nothing to the boss itself while still damaging mobs. While the bosses are flying, the orb gets trapped between their legs and moves around with the target but does not do damage to any noticeable level. On rare occasions the boss would move slightly, and suddenly the health bar would start melting for a second or two, but then move outside the range again. This make the action skills basically ineffective…or so I thought…which brings me to bug #2
  2. I hope videos are allowed, bc the evidence speaks for itself. I believe what happened was a function of the orb making contact, but I cannot be certain bc it happened so fast. As a result of the dramatic event, I gained Vault Card and Guardian Rank Points, but was not granted completion of the mission, even after completely clearing the map of enemies, hindering the progress. Evidence will be found in the youtube link.
    I’m used to orb doing magnificent amounts of damage, but this time I think it’s different.
    Thanks for reading.