Amara phase slam buff

Amara needs a phaseslam buff. Can’t even kill 1 individual “gunt” type enemy with it. Not interested in which character has the worst action skill or who needs more buffs than who. I’m only saying I play as amara a lot and her action skill isn’t about building up to get some dramatic awsome phaseslam kills it’s just an inconvenience you wait for to use so you can finally deal some serious damage for a few SECONDS with your face puncher before it runs out of time and you have to wait for it to recharge again. If the brawl tree is supposed to be the run and gun, up close and personal skill tree it fails to provide a valid build that does that. I often find my melee does more damage than my action skill. When my buddy gets his iron bear he can take out at least 2-3 “grunt” enemies from full health on mayhem 3 I barely break half their shield.
I would much rather the cool down time was a little longer but it hit way harder. Perhaps on of the action skill modifiers could do this? Whatever the solution just don’t make it so amara can barely deal any damage as a brawl build until her action skill pops up.
Que all the forum loyalists telling me i need to gt gd or stop complaining because zane is way worse off.


Phaseslam is fairly unimpressive but the skill tree is a blast. Get a Face Puncher and a Brawler Ward or another shield with bonus melee damage. A Breaker com will also help, it’s a viable build overall. If you’re on xbox I can provide a Puncher and a com.

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Already have all pf that stuff. You run out of shotgun amo very quickly because it’s your only viable gun. Yea i have maxed shotgun sdu before you ask. Brawl tree is supposed to be about close quarters combat it’s not called the facepuncher ward combo tree. So i feel it shouldn’t be just for that combo but whatever I’ll probably get bored trying on the forms and just play moze like everyone else

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I think I’ve never run out of ammo using FP, but yes Phaseslam needs some damage boost.

If you play with other players you are less likely to run out because when they pick up so do you.

I’m no melee player, I’m too slow now, but I spec into Phaseslam regularly because it seems like it gets all the good anointments

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Anointments are amazing but they buff your melee. Not got a problem with the power of her melee problem is it outclasses her action ability which makes no sense and turn the action ability into just a button you press to get some anointments

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I find phaseslam is kinda more of a trigger for buffs than an action skill, to be honest. It’s a quick powerful attack, but not powerful enough. It’s made worse by the fact that almost all her augments drop damage in return for an effect (revelation -15%, glamour -10%, stillness of mind -25%, allure -20%). It’s only soul sap which doesn’t.
I agree that it’d be good to have at least one augment which boosts damage but prolongs cooldown, or something.


I’ve seen numerous +300% weapon damage after Phaseslam annoints on guns. It’s probably the reason people use that skill. Other than knocking the shield boys around so you can shoot 'em it’s not good for much else.


I love phaseslam anointments and the whole tree but being fracture doesn’t even trigger phaseslam anointments and phaseslam is more if a utility I don’t think they intended on us to have our cake and eat it too.

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I have all 4 characters and I go back and forth frequently, but I love Amaras brawl tree. It makes her buff! Slam does need some help, but once we can invest more skill points into mystical assault her action skills will do a lot better! Even then though they need buffed, I agree! They also need to fix fracture, so that it procs ase anointed! I’ve heard it was broken and I still have yet to see anything about a fix, but they may have fixed it. I hope they have!


Atm working on a slam weapons focused build using the new dlc com to hopefully completly get rid of cool down already got two other amara’s one phase cast weapon user and one grasp damage linker

Was doing exactly the same just yesterday and my performance was so horrible (compared to how I do with cast & grasp) I decided to give up unless I find better slam weapons. Don’t want to go to the trade forums begging for slam Brainstormers, Redistributors, and what-not. (I have +100% ASE versions of these I used but still did terrible.)

It’s gonna take a lot to outdo the pure DPS capabilities of grasp and I’m not sure it’s coded in right now.

Spiritual Driver TTB/Stillness siren with Elemental Projector, three points in Mindfulness, and a Cutsman is almost a Breakneck Banshee BeeHawk that stops time and damages entire mobs.

If you can slam to get the buff then switch to grasp and have the buff still that’d be bananas but not sure how the cool down times shake out or if that’s even possible.

My slam build here

300 Phaseslam Radiation Rowans Call.

Sticky Quasar with Rad ASE

Black Hole Shield with Melee ASE.

Golden Rule with points in Laid Bare and I think some crit bonuses to Jakobs. Idk.

Some kind of melee artifact. I don’t remember.

Yeah but I have the meta grasp build and a phase cast build lol also my build may not compare to those but I’m not going any melee points just survivability and weapon skills plus a few slam augments still need to max this amara all my other amara’s and toons are maxed and thru normal and tvhm will need to tweak this build it’s going to be about my guns purely with slam there to buff me and my weapons will need to mess around a lot with it though lol you can technically snipe with slam as anoints say after phaseslam not after phaseslam damages some one I just need the right guns to suit the play style

Nice yeah mine will not be melee focused at all lol I thought about it but I don’t like melee in this game it’s not real melee krieg has been the only proper melee character in all the bl games for me as he had a custom action melee skill that showed more than just one or two different strike animations

Yeah but I play the way I want lol never even bothered with the spiritual driver com just not fussed nothing wrong with it but I had enough of cookie cutter builds from two years of wow “one of us one of us” lol

Surprised people here agree with me.
Just to clarify I am not saying phase slam should be buffed without sacrificing something. Cooldown, weaker anointments or whatever. They should be aiming for something similar to fists of havoc from destiny 1 IMO. Medium cooldown with a load of high aoe damage. Plus the buffs which frankly I wouldn’t be upset about if they were dropped maybe 50%? Without doing the maths I’m just plucking numbers out the air though.
Good point about the extra skill points we will no doubt get in a dlc that will make her much more powerful but don’t forget the other characters and skill paths will all get that same advantage so relatively she will still be underpowered.
Anyway fingers crossed. I can always play moze instead though.

I’ve tried a Amara melee build with phaseslam. I got killed a lot which is either I’m not used to melee builds, my build is weak or Phaseslam does little damage.

PS. Phasecast could do with a damage buff as well.