Amara phase slam buff

I am with you on that one. At least with the other characters there is some positive indication when you use your “super power” on a boss, not so much with Amara and Phasecast (maybe some sparks are present?). I would like at the least a Phasecast that could freeze a boss in place for say 5 seconds with an aura showing it is working.


I’ve been working on a pretty successful Splash Damage Build with Amara that “benefits” phase slam. It uses Phazerker & Splash Damage anoints to basically keep scaling action skill damage up after every use.

Splash Focused Allocation

With Samara & Splash Anointments almost any gun shreds through targets on M4. Also for the 8-10 seconds you don’t have an action skill the high health regen and burst damage keep you up and murdering things.

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Imo amara melee just feels lackluster compared to the melee capable characters we had in the old games like Brick and Krieg. Playing a melee Amara just makes me miss those guys.

What exactly are you comparing? Lvl 50 Brick vs Amara lvl 50 or M4? The same for Krieg.
For me melee is very capable and one of her best build. I cleared all the story on M4 without any issues.

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I never said it wasn’t capable its strong but its just again in my opinion not nearly as fun as Brick who would get rid of his weapons and the left and right bumpers where your fists and you start knocking mofos out left and right or Krieg who goes crazy and takes his buzzsaw out and start making mince meat out of enemies. I just wish she had something like that you know.

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IDK, I only liked Athena as melee in previous games, but Amara’s fists are very fun.


Cool video but I if i had describe the melee of Krieg and Brick its more like moze’s action skill where she hops in her mech it was a mode where it changes the way the character functions a bit more then just press button to melee but lets just leave it to a matter of taste.

Not saying you cant do it. Saying it’s boring because you cant use your action skill for anything other than just getting buffs. It’s repetitive and unenjoyable. I can LASO missions on halo Im not interested in you completing the game with a certain build we’ve all done that.
Stop complaining about out constructive criticism and sod off. I seriously doubt you’d be any good at the game

All those guys die really easy anyway

WTF? Are you serious? I didn’t even reply to your post, so maybe stop here your constructive criticism.

Fo you mind sharing the build you used? I would like to give it a go.

The other 3 characters I’ve got 2-3 decent builds each but Amara I’ve only got the high elemental DoT build. I’ve tried building a melee build but weren’t successful

I was using something like this, but lately I changed Anima into Infusion to se if it’s better for Face Puncher, but didn’t played to much to verify.

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Nice, I’ll give that a go later. Cheers :beers:

Regarding gear, I’m using Buttplug and 300% Face Puncher, Brawler Ward with 200% bonus, for artifact I prefer Elemental Stone + Static Charge for FP/melee, for pure melee Stone+Planetoid. Breaker COM with +1 in Find Your Center is a must. Of course additional melee dmg on COM/artifact is a nice bonus.

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Uhm, sorry and correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t all the enemies in that area extremely weak in general? I mean in terms of hp. Seem to recall that I could one-shot everyone of them with my guns on m4.

Yes, but key word in this post is “fun”.
Still, melee build is very powerful and fun to use in every area.

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