Amara Phaseslam & Artifact need a fix

Hello there,
after some test i noticed that using an artifact with a “Slam” proc , doesnt trigger at all when Amara uses Phaseslam.
It is so broken, because the skill description is “Amara leaps into the air and Slams the ground, dealing damage to all nearby enemies and knocking them up.”
Why it doesnt count as a Slam? There are two kind of “Slam” ?
Please fix it, or make the description clearer.


I wouldn’t say it’s broken as much as under-utilized. The artifacts for the most part are near useless because you have to find a way to get yourself about normal jumping height just to slam the ground.

If Phase slam actually triggered these artifacts it would make the Action skill a lot more appealing as well as making the Artifacts useful for at least 1 character.

On the other hand Amara is OP as hell so they may not be looking back on anything in her kit just yet.

I believe instead that is simply broken.
I cant understand why the proc “Slam” on the artifact doesnt count when you use an ability that literally says the same “Slam” with the first letter in uppercase.
I’m not asking for making another strong build in a character that already has a lot of it, i’m just asking why the game is joking on me.

Slam (crouch in air) is a general move and different thing that Amara’s action skill. So slam artifacts only applies to the general one.


Ok, so the description need a fix, because when you use the exact same term it’s misleading.

One is Slam. One is Phase Slam. Doesn’t sound misleading to me.
There is a ton of stuff in this game that should be fixed, and even item descriptions that need to be. That isn’t one of them.

“Slam” is in Orange, for me this means it’s a Slam.

That fact that it’s in orange literally means it’s an action skill. Passive skills or basic things like ‘critical ht’ are in yellow. If it were referring to the basic slam it would be in yellow.