Amara Remnant bugged?

Ive noticed when you load the game up the skill “remnant” will work for a while then all of a sudden it just stops working all together until you reload the game up i know for a fact this wasnt coded into the game xD plz help


Glad I wasn’t the only one!! Restarted the game and it was fixed but boy was that frustrating. Tip: make sure it’s simply not triggering because enemies are dying from too much elemental duration. Either way remnant spheres weren’t being produced by action skill kills and I was getting really confused.

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Same for me.
I quite like the skill, but I’m not sure yet if I should put more than 1 point into it. I mostly use it for Overkill Damage kills.

Am thinking of toying with it when I get to Mystical Assault, hopefully will be patched by then.

Definitely max it out, you’ll be one shotting enemies without even looking at them. Not to mention when your crowd controlling and there’s a boss or bad ass this skill is extremely helpful at dealing damage on the go…

It’s happened to me consistently about 5 times now through my playthrough on Xbox One. I have no idea as to the exact cause either, it might have something to do with fast traveling, but I really ain’t sure.

Definitely don’t max it out.

If you’re only mobbing, sure, you’ll one shot random enemies just by triggering it in any way at all. But even then, killing the enemies with a hard hitting weapon (shotgun, sniper, basically any Jakobs or Torgue weapon) gives enough overkill damage to have the same effect.
But here’s the real kicker: when my action skill (reverberation) was dealing something like 10K-35K damage , the remnants were dealing easily about 15K-50K damage with elemental amplifications.
At this point, having one more point in remnant would have been about… 1000 extra damage per remnant.
1000 damage added to the low-end 15K remnants would be an increase of ~7%.
Let’s compare it to having one more level of Tempest, for example, which gives an increase of 6% to all elemental damage per level (10% for shock), would result in an increase of ~12% (21% for shock) on the Remnants (multiplied by 1.06 when you fire off your action skill, then another 1,06 when the remnant hits an enemy, or 1,10*1,10 for shock)
So, there are lots of more useful skills to use those 2 points on.

Sure, it sounds tasty to increase the base damage, but the numbers are just too small for it to be worth it. It’s just another case of the effect itself being the part that makes it strong, the damage values themselves aren’t all that impressive.


Remnant stops working all the time. It’s incredibly annoying.


Glad it’s not just me.

I specced into it today for the first time and it works for about ten minutes and then never again until you quit and reload.

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Ya I’m getting this aswell. This needs to be looked at still.


I’m pretty sure I’ve got this figured out. It seems to be caused by triggering an orb off an anointed. If you kill them in a way that doesn’t trigger an orb (ties that bind or a grenade) that’s fine.

Could just be the way anointed are. Because they turn to Crystal some skills still hit them like ties that bind, phasegrasp still goes the whole duration, bullets ricochet to and off them, and you can’t get a second wind from them.

The most annoying thing is, when it DOES work, it’s amazing.

To be honest my entire build was geared towards speccing into it (for some unknown reason I actually thought it was the capstone skill) and as it stands, I may have to rethink my build completely.

After some testing last few days I would have to agree 100% 1 point max is the way to go with this one especially on the heavy dmg weapons as you mentioned.

It does have slightly more effect with fast firing low dmg stuff but the dmg increase for mh3 is completely negligible and those 2 skill points could be working a lot harder for you.

With one point in remenant my 2nd headshot kill does 215k damage if i have max 99 stacks the orb that comes of that crits it often hits for 500k +

I’m still trying to figure out how the game calculates the overkill damage…

I’m only at like 2/3 remnant but sometimes it barely tickles an enemy and other times it esplodes for like 996k…

I’ld assume it just takes the excess damage when you kill sth. Let’s say you hit for 100k. You kill a mob that currently has 90k hp -> 10k overkill. If you weaken the enemy so he only has like 1k hp left and then shoot for 100k -> 99k overkill.

This goes well with the 25 Token guardian rank skill.

Yes it works with Excess damage,when you overkill it is added to remnant itself if there isnt a damage source beforehand.(aka TiesThatBind).Infact excess becomes so huge a lot of skills are starting to lose weight.

I think the huge damage is because it’s a typed damage the overkill becomes a base value and multipliers get applied for that type on top.

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Pretty much this ^

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