Amara Root to Rise

Logged on today and noticed my health on Amara was down by over 2k, and then I noticed that Root to Rise at lvl 5 was giving me +0%. Something somewhere just went buggy, because last night I didnt have this issue.

Maybe try resetting your skill tree, removing shield and reapplying it, logging out and back in.

Yea, no. I tried relogging earlier, just tried unequiping my shield and respecing, all of which did nothing. Thanks for the suggestions though.

I am not too sure tbh, I’ve never had the problem even though I’ve done two playthroughs with her… best of luck

It just happened to me with the rare spawn thing starting today, so I feel like the two coincide. Hopefully they figure something out.

Have you tried going offline? Cause if it might have to do with this new event, it’s only for online mode

Still nothing. I’ve put a ticket in so now we play the waiting game.