Amara skill change ideas

First off change deliverance and reverberations icons. so annoying.

but the idea i had was to change deliverance into do unto other orbs and same with remnant. id love to have a build revolved around orbs flyin everywhere. plus the damage in both remnant and deliverance is none existanct.


Deliverance annoys me because it frequently doesn’t even seem to work, and when it does often the balls just loop up into the air without homing in on a target. I’d rather have my Phasecast home, as it’s too easy to whiff.


On top of some not working, most of her AS augments are severely underwhelming compared to TTB once you get to m4. Someone on youtube mentioned her phaseslam augs don’t even work with the anointment. Speaking of Phaseslam, while it’s cool to look at and I like the pseudo double jump mechanic, it’s kinda suicidal to use a lot of the time (so many mid-jump deaths) and the knock-up is super unreliable. The cooldown seems a bit long for the drawbacks it has.

Phasecast is strictly better from a utility standpoint (range, Laid Bare debuffing, shorter animation, etc) but they both severely fall off in damage. It’s another one of her phase abilities that looks great but isn’t good for much outside of debuffing and anointment activation. I understand that guns are king in BL but it does so little even with Phasezerker/Awakening/Do Harm. I’ve experienced the same problems with Deliverance spawning the orbs but them not doing anything.

Remnant’s biggest problem seems to be how inconsistent it is. The overkill damage, orb tracking, and that’s if it procs at all. Sometimes it doesn’t.

Most of the discussions I’ve seen about Amara come back to Spiritual Driver/Fakegrasp/Ties That Bind stuff and it feels like a lot of her other skill tree issues get overlooked because of that.