Amara skills bugged. Cryo guns do fire damage

Aslo unless its maliwan, cryo guns do fire damage. I cant use cryo weapons and its really frustrating.

Funny because my cryo guns all do cryo damage. The only exception is the Night Hawkin, at night, which is supposed to be incendiary at night.

Well its a bug. Wont happen to everyone. But its been happening the whole game with me. And if they do work no matter the status chance the people never freeze.

I would be careful just sharing this without actual testing the reddit zane thread turned out to be wrong, and I know some of this is wrong as well.

Your cryo guns could get fire if you have certain skills that do that. Without those skills there is no effect.

Alacrity works
Restless works
Awakening works
Violent wounds like it works but the posted does not understand % on % math. 10% added to 20% is not 30%, it is 22%. 0.2 x (1 + 0.1) = .22

Remant can bug out, its reported
Deliverance I don’t know about.

Much of this seems misleading.


Can you show us your skill tree? Which gun are you using?

Thats just a post yo show other people were having problems. Mine was with deliverance and remnant. Those are both facts bc they happen to me. I figured the issue would get more pull if i showed other people are having the same issues and its not just an isolated event. I probably should have stated that. But none of my skills are in the elemental tree so im not doing a portion of another element at the same time as my gun. Also i usually toss cryo weapons bc they dont work for me. They never freeze people. Just slow them but never freeze. I have a nighthawkin bc of the fire at night is really strong.