Amara still crashing after latest hotfix

My Amara build still crashes after a few minutes play. I’ve tried changing class mods and action skills with no luck. Anyone any idea what’s going on?
I’m on PS4 and tried different combinations of mods and skills

It’s not your amara build, console crashes are bad right now. Something to do with audio I think

I haven’t had any crashes using Fl4k … just Amara, which is why I think there’s something buggy with it. I know other players had complained a while ago about Amara and Phasezerker and Phasegrasp crashing the game but I’ve tried Phasecast and Nimbus and Elementalist and it still crashes.
It’s very frustrating, I like Fl4k but I want to progress my Amara build as well!

Definitly hasn’t been fixed. I literally can’t use Amara for any more than 5 minutes without crashing, making her unplayable at the moment. The game is 8 months old now, how can this happen and how can it take so long to fix it?