Amara STILL way too op

I for one am absolutely so sick of Amara Drivers… literally join a takedown and every time there’s an Amara flying through everything with a simple recursion. I made one of these builds; I’m going to be honest, yes it was a thrill, being able to solo TD was great. Then after 50 runs of the same garbage, I scrapped the meta. I’m sick of how Amaras run around like they own the game… I’m sick of how Amara is clearly still wayyyyy to overpowered and there’s nothing being done. Really ruins the game for other characters not Amara. I got kicked from slaughters shaft right at the end by an Amara Driver, dude said he did all the work and I didn’t deserve any loot, so he kicked me. LMAO… seriously? Anyone can make an OP Amara, I have one myself and choose to not use her anymore because, wow, she’s broken and ruins the multiplayer experience for actually decent end gamers not Amara main.

To any Amara who is currently using the driver build, please for the love of GOD, do an ego check. Think about how stupid easy the gameplay is… you’re not anything special for wiping a room of baddies with a few recursion bullets. I would love to join a game where people (not Amara Drivers) actually talk, because right now only Amara Drivers talk, and oh my lord they talk with so much arrogance it makes me quit immediately. Bro you aren’t even using you’re skill properly, spamming fakegrasp on the ground and shooting recursion becoming the most bro powerful being in the universe, is a real great way to give a real fun co op experience.


The only way to ensure a fun co-op experience is to play with actual friends.


Yes sir, I’ve opted out of co-op for the time being due to the same silliness you mentioned. Every multiplayer group I join is all Amaras, over and over and over…no variety now. I haven’t been grouped with any other class in forever! I’m starting to think I’m the only Moze(or non Amara) player left around.

My Raging Bear Moze got kicked by a group of 3 other Amara’s 3 different occasions, as I was party hoping looking for a group. Each time they talked ■■■■■ about “Not carrying crappy classes especially gunner!” or “Gunner class sucks too much!” “Iron Bear can’t keep up with Siren!” ,on and on with the insults because I’m not playing Amara then I’m not cool lol. I did eventually find a good group of randoms though.

Character imbalance like this is the main reason games lose the fun factor for me.

Plus your right, it seems to bring out the big ego in people making them feel like hot snot in a golden platter, when they’re really just a cold booger on a paper plate.


I run Zane dude


Cool. Over this games lifetime at some point you’ll have a build or a skill or a piece of gear you’ll love. Then gearbox will nerf it because people cry about things. Don’t cry when that happens.


Doesn’t Zane have to jump and slide at the same time to get comparable damage to anyone? Dunno who loves that gear - and after 3 months of straight misses I doubt we will ever see the day lol


It’s not in my character to complain about nerfs, I’m more trying to point out a huge flaw that is ACTUALLY ruining a big aspect of the co op multiplayer experience. I can’t play as any class without joining a game where one class can easily wipe everything with guns and equipment that aren’t even top tier.


Another Amara crying thread. Like we don’t have enough of these. The Borderlands community I used to love is dead.


This line just makes me laugh.


So Amara has a few problems right now. One of the major ones is Fakegrasp and how it is what keeps a portion of her weaker builds functional. Just like every VH she has some underwhelming skills and several overpowered skills.
Amara’s Utility from Phasegrasp, Stillness of the mind and Ties that Bind is very useful when faced against numerous enemies like in the Takedown. She posseses the best kit to deal with this kind of situation. I think GBX is trying to be way to careful with this one with what happened with Moze after her initial nurfs broke both of her 2 viable mayhem 3 builds.

I want them to remove Fakegrasping like yesterday tbh. I like running Phasecast for better control of my action skill start and end it is sad because you can have both that and god tier CC if you use Phasegrasp and abuse Fakegrasping. Phasegrasp should only be registering Action skill start when something is damaged or grasped, then end should be when something is released or when its damaged. After that they should re assess her viable playstyles for Mayhem mode.


I bet your weren’t complaining when you could just toss grenades infinitely and be immortal or crit spam a bosses vault boss to death in a few seconds. If you did please link me to your comments. Also Recursion is basically meta for any character doing the raid if know how it actually works. Tediore chuck + Facepuncher/cutspurse is completely busted in every way, but where are the topics asking to fix that cheapness?


Your experience is why I can’t stand multiplayer in any game. They’re straight up trash.

Imagine being so bad at a game that you complain about having to carry someone with 3 Amaras when any one of them could solo that same content. But the truth is they aren’t even good enough to do that.

Not saying you needed to be carried, but I ran into these clowns playing destiny all the time. If they were such billy bada**es, they wouldn’t care about carrying. My friends and I gladly carried people all the time.

As a matter of fact… yeah. Only play with friends. I would, but my friends quit this game a while ago. And I’m not going back to destiny. So that’s that.

Anyway, sorry for the rant. Good luck bro.



I don’t want to sound rude or anythng like that. believe me.
I’m an Amara main since day one and i hate the spiritual driver too just beause for a stupid mod Amara will probably get nerfed because people like you can’t actually understand the problem here.

The problem is not Amara or even the mod that can be easily changed to deal less damage.
The problems are called Zane, Moze and Fl4k.

Those are the character that needs to be pushed to bring them at the same level of fun and power as Amara, not te other way arround.

Next time maybe don’t start a topic with “Amara STILL way too op” and make “After months th other VHs are STILL underwealming”.


I think the overall problem is balance, we don’t want op10 again - and making the other 3 face roll the hardest content only opens that path. BL3 should be a fun and zany game - yes they could use some buffs but Amara breaks content and needs some adjustments too.

Problem is ‘balance’ doesn’t seem to be in the dictionary at GBX HQ.


I concur. City of Heroes was the last game where I actually enjoyed playing with randos. And from time to time we’d occasionally be carrying some teammates (or even getting carried) and it didn’t matter. A good time was generally had by all.


No they should leave her as is and not listen the overly loud MINORITY opinion. No is forcing you to fakegrasp. Do you not have the self control to use Phasecast if that is what you prefer?

"Dear developers,

Please take away mechanics other people enjoy because I cannot play the way I would like to unless you force me to do it"

That is exactly what you are saying. There are tactics people use in this game that I don’t like such Tediore/Facepuncher/Cutpurse that allows you to faceroll the game with ANY class. Am I asking for it to be taken away? No I just don’t do it because it’s not fun. Same the numerous damage glitches people use.


But hey, “its a pve game! the game doesn’t need balance!”

GBX surely has problems with balancing their characters but at the same time it must be a b*tch to even TRY to make a single change without triggering SEVERAL people.

This doesn’t justify some of the problems the game has but…you get what i’m saying.


Jerks definitely ruin multiplayer experiences. Its why I only play solo or with people I know. At the same time, the “only this meta class is worth using” is a common problem that happens in pretty much every multiplayer game. If and when Amara gets nerfed, a new meta will form and people will be jerks about not playing whatever vault hunter/build is popular then. Nerfing Amara is unlikely to fix your multiplayer experience.

That said, I’m fine with them fixing fakegrasp so it doesn’t trigger action skill end effects. It’s pretty likely that it isn’t intended, and if so, they will probably fix it. In the mean time, try to keep things in perspective. Each time gearbox has nerfed the most popular builds, it wasn’t long before new outliers show up. Its the nature of the beast with a game with so many different items and potential synergies.


Yes but people are pressuring me our of matchmaking because I want to use Phasecast instead of Phasegrasp. It kind of stinks when the endgame content is designed for 4 people and I am getting matched with people who leave or remove me because I play my way.

The abuse of this mechanics diminishes the playstyle and use of other action skills. The reason they do balance changes is the keep these builds competitive. Right now Tise that Bind dose what Phasecast dose better in just about every way.
If Fakegrasp is intended and a mechanic they want in the game they will leave it. No fan outcry is going to change that. The argument can be made that If it is intended they should re work her other action skills to offer the same variable utility on demand.

I was stating my opinion on Fakegrasping and how it seems to take what is supposed to be a CC and utility ability and give Amara more variable power then any other build she has could hope to provide.


You don’t even believe that yourself. Most people don’t give a crap about Amara being powerful. It’s mainly this forum and sometimes on Reddit, but mainly here. Yes the people crying about Amara are the minority. That is fact. Check on YouTube video with thousands of views check the like/dislike ration and read the comments. No is saying “this is too much please nerf it”. Get real.