Amara terror need help?

My amara is affected by terror gear her accuracy is all over the place.I have a transformer with ammo regen and grenade with apply terror i thought if you had terror gear on it would not affect you my fl4k does not have this problem is it a glitch with amara.

i think only the increased crit, and increased damage + fire rate mitigate the accuracy loss

I am running the same gear on fl4k and he does not have the accuracy penalty.

I had the same issue on my moze, only solved when i equipped a grenade that had “increased damage + firerate”. And even then, only while aiming down sights; hipfire goes to the ceiling quick

Why is fl4k not doing this it has to be a bug because even moxy on youtube says when you equip a shield or grenade with any terror anoint you are immune to terror affects.

in theory only weapons not affected by terror debuff are:
-weapons exclusive to Bloody Harvest
-weapons anointed with a LOCAL terror anoint ie either crit or fire rate dmg.

This may be subject to bugs :joy:
In the case of bug, feel free to open a support ticket, it is the only way for it to be fixed one day ( things that are only complained on forum NEVER get fixed)

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