Amara the Siren Sheriff: A One Shot Build

Mind sweeper with shotgun, Jakob’s accuracy, Jakob’s crit

You haven’t seen the ShockSploder I have waiting for my Moze :joy:

unrelated to thread so i hate to keep it going, but are you sure the laser sploder gets the most out of the mind sweeper? although it is a steady stream i dont think the fire rate is that high and i’m not sure how it would work with the “chance” proc like multi-pellets or high fire rate.

is this info going to make it less fun? no… but just a thought

Added links to @DocStrangelove’s overkill damage calc to the OP

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Part 9 of the playthrough


Hey Derch love your guides. Any tips on skill progression with the first couple playthroughs? Or is there a better suited build for leveling before you have the ideal gear? Thanks!

Decent COM but… unrelated to this I am just wondering when they will ever fix the TEMP or why it is difficult at all…

Speaking of the COM, someone on Reddit asked me to make a showcase vid of the COM and the Unforgiven. May as well post it here too. Nothing too fancy, but some funny moments. I honestly never use Phaseslam, so things got a little hectic here and there. I also didn’t really look at the modifiers, but it honestly doesn’t matter.

I always level opportunistically, then get into builds when I get to the end

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new part is up

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Has anyone found a Bekah world drop? I’m on console and accidentally completed Hammerlock challenges at Level 45.

In >200h I’ve never seen a Bekah drop. According to several other sources it seems to be exclusive to the Hunt events.

Hey Derch,

Tried that build yesterday in Athenas and it was quite fun for a change .

But I’m a bit weird, and Fl4k is my Jakobs character, so I’d rather not have a Jakobs loadout as my MAIN playstyle on Amara.
So since yesterday I’m twitching possible builds to get that overkill as well as forceful expression - and I guess my head will soon explode :rofl:

So maybe I can get some input and ideas here.

I had this build just the day before I tried the sheriff
(I read that having infusion will lower the healing from sustainment?
So that’s why I don’t have it, but please correct me if I’m understanding things wrong,
I think Joltz put a point in it?)

But I may not quite understand that exactly:
Infusion takes a part of the damage my gun does away and converts it to elemental damage - so that’s good for non elemental, but is it bad for elemental?
While forceful expression ADDS elemental damage on top of the gun damage?
So also good for already elemental guns?
But is it good for Jakobs too, instead (or additional to infusion) or not??
So should I better decide for one, or take both?

Basically what I need to know, to decide how I go from here (apart from understanding how infusion and/or forceful expression work with each other):
Can that build I have here, and that I wanna use mainly for an elemental loadout, do similar damage like your sheriff build, if I occasionally wanna switch to Jakobs without respeccing?

Now the downside with this is, I can’t equip the corrosive element on Amara’s skill. Not that I ever used it much. But being able to have it is nice.

So that’s the second question, is corrosive action skill element important enough to toss my capstone(s)?

A second option that came to my mind to still get corrosive was the Dragon class mod - it boosts Remnant, so it would save the points there and allow to get forceful expression AND corrosion.
But it’s melee based, so it would basically only be used for it’s skill boosts and I had no other bonuses from it - and I’d have to give up the rush stacks, plus the gun damage and the cooldown (plus my phasezerker has additional cooldown too, so I’d give up both).
Guess that won’t do enough damagewise then?

I know, it’s a long read, but if you could give me some input that would help a lot.
Thanks, Lexi :blush:

Regarding Infusion:

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Thank you!

Remnant is all overkill so you don’t need to boost it.

You could definitely do a similar elemental build, just have to find high crit elemental guns.

The capstone I. The elemental tree capatone is wasted in a build like this because your damage will go so high you won’t need it.

You are better off with the mystical capstone because you get more rush stacks and more action skill procs. T
Do no harm spreads the damage so more stacks is good.

The elemental tree capstone is better for low damage DPS guns than high power low fire rate guns.

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Next part is up


So M4 stopped the fun times sniper build for me… Untill today.
Finally got a Monocle trade that has the “Crit damage when terrified” augment.
Add to it a Phasezerker with +45% Jakobs Crit damage, and baby you got a stew going.

Incase you didn’t see the numbers when that orb hit

*Theese are not “normal numbers” just an extreme example. But 1-shots are definitely a thing

Edit: I have no idea why there’s a Destiny2 hashtag under the gif. I must have clicked something by misstake. And now I can’t remove it

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Okay! Now you must give one of those to me, so I can have my fun again :smile:

Hey @Derch, thanks for the build. I just got a few key items to try it out (Monocle, Unforgiven, Phasezerker) and have a couple questions.

Are there any changes in your loadout/build from your Oct 16th update video?

Are you changing your loadout/build when against certain bosses?


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