Amara the siren

What’s the best build in the game for her in engame proving grounds

For mobbing its elemental Ties that Bind build.Easy to play / high damage.Can carry 4-man parties with ease.Solo mobbing will be a joke to you.
Bring Elemental and Normal guns with you / get the build running Elemental Amara Build - Do Harm Stacking and Ties That Bind - TVHM M3 [Updated 9/18] and wreak havoc.

PS.The plus sides of this build is that you are not limited to elements or normal damage.Nor to a manufacturer.So everything works and can deal with any modifiers if tweaked a bit.

She has a few availible builds for Slaughter and proving grounds.

The build would slightly depend on gear. The easiest way to do Slaughter on MH3 imo is to use a “Recursion” paired with Ties that bind, and Stillness of mind.
Build you can use something like this:

You can also swap recursions for a Brainstormer, and a Transformer shield. That one is almost as strong, but it has slightly better defence.

If you feel you need more defence you can swap points from the blue tree (offense) and put them in the green one.

I personally use a Ice Breaker artifact, and a Cryo Recursion, with Cryo grenades. Partly for damage, and part because having all the enemies frozen eliminates the need for defence so I can put more points towards offence.

There are basically a few Key skills you’d want to pick up;
-Tempest. Makes your elemental stuff hit HARD
-Indiscriminate. Makes your recursion shots spawn new shots and absolutely delete whole rooms.
-Sustainment. This skill makes it so you don’t need any other defensive skills if you just keep damaging stuff. (Turns your offense into your best defence)
-Personaly space, I usually shoot point blank anyway so a multiplicative boost in the start of a tree is a lot of damage for a small investement.

It would be nice to pick up a few more skills in the Blue Tree like “Laid bare” and “Wrath” but we need more points for that…

Guys you are forgetting he doesn’t have the good gear. I would recommend a build that still focuses on the elemental tree and ties that bind, but instead of going down the mystical assault tree go down the brawl tree. This will provide the much needed toughness to survive the endless rocket spam.

Do what you want with the last skill point. If you get a phasezerker com put it in do harm. Some points can be moved around, but this build is very easy and less gear dependent than the FotE/MA build in my opinion.

No I’m not. This is literally the build I can think off that clears Slaughter shafts with the least required gear.

All he needs is 1 of 2 world drops. If he is on PC I can send him a recursion or Brainstormer. I just save the ones with good annointments anyway so instead of vending them all off I could send one (I don’t think I’ve sold off the ones I got yestearday yet).

And you don’t need the green tree with sustainment. More offense = More defence so you might as well go all offense.
And I already mentioned that at the end of my last post. You can take points from the blue tree and put in the green one if he doesn’t have the gear to go all offense.

Edit: Got 2 more recursions today, let me know if you want one.

Hey man, I have a good video on her best build IMO. Tempest is her biggest damage dealing skill so try and get a mod with highest tempest possible, I think like +3 starts to out dmg 15 rush stack zerker builds. With this build you should be able to do amazing gun, melee, and grenade dmg.

I will be having another video come out soon about the best easy to get guns for her, as well as a video about a farming progression guide.

Skill Tree:
Amara Elemental Fist


New Video For Great easy to get Items:

Sustainment doesn’t work with melee and non-elemental guns (e.g. Face-puncher) even when you convert it with Infusion. So, if you don’t use weapons that deal elemental damage on their own regularly those points are wasted.

So from my testing, sustainment is glitchy at best, I have had it work with [Element] Stone Commander Planetoids as well as [Element] Stone Static Charge for melee, though you are correct I have never been healed from the base melee. It also works with White Elephant Grenades. Grenades in general also work with Sustainment. So I would say that its never a waste to grab some more sustainment. Also with a lot of elemental dmg from tempest, even 8% is a lot of healing.

Hey @Fyx I’m on pc and just dinged 50 on my Amara (first lvl 50 character). I’d like to take you up on the offer of a recursion and/or brainstormed. My epic ID is saito282, I’ll be online tomorrow evening. Cheers!

Sure thing. Not sure what “tonight” means for you, but I’ll send over some choice gear for a lvl 50 Amara when I get online later.

Unfortunately I had to sell my extra redundant Brainstormer, but I still have a couple of extra recursions for you.

Thanks man! Tonight as in European tonight, like 9 hours from now.