Amara versus..anyone else?

I am working through the game, almost maxed Zane and I enjoy him. But, everything I read talks about how Amara is just a cut above the rest and I simply don’t understand why.

What makes her so faceroll? I have her around lvl 30, not high I know but why is she considered so much better?

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With the proper set up all the Vault Hunters are pretty close to balanced.


The more in depth posts say otherwise. People talk about Amara like she’s in some different league, I think she’s fun and I love the phasegrasp but I fail to see how she is better. I am hoping someone with the experience can help.


Amara has one extremely op build. But her other builds get close and so do the other Vault Hunters. There isn’t any challenging content at the moment with any Vault Hunter, so we will have to wait for raid bosses and the Maliwan DLC.

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Which build is that? Is it the fire tree then into the blue one, the glass cannon?

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Basically yes. It’s using a skill Do Harm with a COM phasezerker and the action skill variation Ties that Bind. Some stuff is considered action skill damage with TTB, while some stuff isn’t. Do Harm is and can stack to 99 with a few casts of the action skill with the COM. This will let you one shot groups with a green gun. However it doesn’t work on bosses.

No one knows what is intended because some skills work and some don’t. No word from Gearbox.

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Thank you! Explains a lot, appreciate the replies.

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I think the Phasezerker/Do Harm/TTB build is fine aside from the apparent bug where you still get rush stacks even from an unsuccessful phasegrasp. It’s exploitation of that bug that allows for people to constantly keep up 99 rush stacks as alluded to by another poster. If you use the mechanic as intended – that is, without intentionally missing phasegrasps to keep rush stacks maxed out or close to it – it’s a still very good build, particularly for mobbing, but no longer problematic in terms of power (especially with Maliwan Takedown and Mayhem 4 on the horizon).

I hope Gearbox realizes that the missed grasps granting rush stacks are the problem and simply fixes that rather than altering other aspects of the COM and associated skills.

Huh, see, I haven’t taken anything that works with Action Skill Damage for the most part, because I’ve been doing a TTB build, though I have no phasezerker com.

From my many level 50 Amara’s I think the fact that you can build a strong character with nominal gear in each of her three trees (so there’s 3 builds right there) and then a 4th hybrid build. Now throw in Legendary gear and now you’re OP.

In addition, all three actions skills are super useful.

Compare that to Moze mech & does it even matter what attachments you use when all you do is get in then hop out to trigger anointed gear? So nearly wasted action skill.

Fl4k is really fun to play but I mostly get Fallout 4 survival mode flashbacks (&not good ones) and we should name all their pets “stimpy” (cause all you’d do is stimpack dogmeat)

Now Zane, he was my 1st level 50 VH & I loved playing him but without Legendary gear he’s just ok.

Terror anointed gear has made nearly all VH’s much stronger (‘cept Moze, why does she get remove terror & heal, OMG that’s like the weakest terror anointment).

I think the upcoming Maliwan Takedown will reveal the versatile VH’s; looking forward to it.

Remove terror and heal is the common 1 for all vh’s, moze specific is to create a nova… i think its actually worse off as the whole idea to 2 trees are not reloading, the 1 that does buffs the whole party

I love the One Punch (Wo)man build.

Nothing like slamming fists as a siren


Ties that bind+stillness of mind+ Unforgiven= inside out faces! :laughing:

Massive AoE damage and hard CC on a short cooldown. Also a practically no-strings-attached 20% healthsteal.

Yeah, one-shotting whole packs of badasses and anointed enemies with just the default 25 Rush stacks and a single projectile while being almost invincible is totally fine. :crazy_face:


I’m not someone who seeks out the cutting edge build + matching gear, but for me Amara is my go to VH since she simply kicks arse and just refuses to die.

My build: most skill points in Brawler tree (minus any melee-based skills) and Fist of the Elements tree. I use an invulnerability artifact and a Nimbus lego class mod (I know this isn’t the best but it’s the only one I have).

Amara vs bosses drawback: my FL4K can kill bosses in seconds whereas my Amara takes at least 5 minutes or more.

What make amara op is pretty much her anointed gear bieng leagues above the other VH imo, she also seems to have way more end game build option then the other VH mostly because pets are not well balanced for late game (Iron Bear - Fl4ks pet - STNL/Clone)

Basically with the right gear / build you can kill an unlimited number of mobs with one magazine all the while constantly healing faster than you take damage. It’s broken but damn if I don’t love it.

I use the build to solo Slaughter Shaft on MH3 TVH