Amara vs Bounty of Blood last boss

Easy kill using lvl 57 Mayhem 0 cryo Fish Slap grenade.


What exactly am I missing here? I have no idea how you do this but I observed that my Phasepuncher sometimes takes off 1/4 of its HP bar with a single shot (M10).

Also is the Spade just really rare? I have never seen it despite over 100 legendaries from this thing.

The initial hit is from my cryo Fish Slap, it’s high damage and being melee adds fire DoT from Unleash the Dragon artifact. I’m holding Face Puncher with 300/90 anointment, also have active all melee bonuses. All of it provides very high DoT.
The Fish Slap is lvl 57 M0 with over 19k cryo damage. The fire one would be even better.

About Spade, I don’t think it’s that rare.

Mmmh any guess why my Facepuncher rarely does this ridiculous dmg?

iirc I’m using a cryo stone static charge if that helps…

Very interesting that the DoT from Unleash the Dragon is actually scaled to melee, that explains why this thing always outperformed all my other melee artifacts. Time to use it again, last time was during Bloody Harvest.

Thank you.

Would 300/90 effect Phaseslam damage?