Amara VS Franco, Fish and Joey - 1:13 from drop-in

Pretty sure I can get a sub 1 minute run from drop-in but there was some amusing moments in this run that I wanted to share. Feeling pretty good about this build, it was hard to give up the Infernal Wish but unfortunately it has some damaging interactions with some of Amara’s red tree skills, and the revolter well…doesn’t. Might put up some trial runs here at some point. Don’t expect fervor lol. As always, build is shown at the end. Thanks for watching!


Great run! The swap to launcher and positioning for overkill was fun to watch.

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Thanks! I was pretty pleased with how it turned out, even though it didn’t exactly go as planned. I noped away from fish slap when they dropped, tried to grab Franco and got Joey instead, then ended up shooting Fish anyways lol