Amara's anointed rolls more powerful than they appear?

I am doing some testing with my Amara on TVHM with no mayhem modifiers and no skill bonuses. The only modifier I have is that from my guardian rank gun damage which is at 13.82%. I have noticed something odd with a couple of her anointed modifiers.

First off, her anointed roll which says “after using phaseslam, weapon damage is increased by 300% for a short time” seems to deal about 400% weapon damage instead of the 300% listed.

Additionally, her anointed roll which reads “after using phasecast, weapon damage is increased by 250% for a short time” seems to increase damage by about 350% instead.

An example of what I have been using for testing is a gatling gun which is hitting flesh enemies for about 1007 damage to the body without using phasecast. After using phasecast, it hits for 3655 damage.

Anyone else notice this? Am I calculating my weapon damage incorrectly or is this what the true increase to weapon damage looks like?

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1000 damage plus 250% is 3500. So your 3655 is pretty close. Are you calculating 1000 x 2,5 for some reason?


As Hasse said and your 13% dmg modifier from guardian is prob making up the slight diference.

EDIT Amara has some of the best anointed perks in the game hopefully Gearbox can retool some of the useless ones fro other characters to make the char specific anointed gear more sought after.

Or the gun has some hidden splash damage.

250 percent more damage means times 3.5 lol.

100 percent More is double. 200 percent more is triple :slight_smile: