Amaras fakegrasp and other repeat button presses made automagic....(hold to initiate skill repeatedly PS4)

can we get a single press and hold automatic skill attack[on the ps4] so i can give my finger and wrist a break from all this fakegrasping ive gotta get up to just in order to progress properly through mayhem 10 and the breach bullshite and just about anything else you add to end game…that’d be, just great thanks.

Set a macro.

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I should have said…PS4 my bad… and ty.

Maybe reassign it to R3?

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This is more of a general inquiry and kind of thing to maybe spark discussion. While ive subbmitted requests to gearbox zendesk this is just another spot to drop the question, rhetorically. While it is a question. And they do require answers. AND I TRULY APPRECIATE THEM AND YOUR TIME… this one, only gearbox can answer this one for me. Button swapping is not going to help any, and the r3 is deffo not a worthy swap, for my self at least either, thank you for your input and suggestions. Much love.