Amara's HP stuck at 1 with extra added to shield

The game thinks her HP is maxed out but it obviously isn’t.

-Tried dying without the shield, with a different shield, HP still stays at one
-Tried reloading the game with/without shield and loading different characters but loading amara back still leaves her locked at one.
-Tried these options after closing the game/restarting the PS4

…I’m out of options

The health isn’t “lost” the amount of shield I have is like double what it should be with/without skills.

I did manage to fix it, strangely enough it was related to the class mods.

I have a “Blended Carpet Bombing Elementalist” Mod that has the “Firmly grasp it” red text (don’t know how these things are generated or the stats related to the legendary text, might be it) and whenever that was equip that caped my HP. Equipped a different class mod to get some health, killed myself, then my Amara was fine. Both class mods letting me regen again so I don’t know what happened there.