Amara's Infusion Should Give Bonus Mag to Non-Elemental Guns with Deep Well

Title. if my jakobs now does 40% fire damage, one could argue deep well should have 40% of deep well applied to that gun. so at 5/5 deep well, non-elemental guns should have an 8% increase to magazine size. not huge, but can be the difference between a 5 shot and a 6 shot shotgun maybe.

if you buff infusion to 10/5 or deep well to 2/1, that gets up to 16% for non-elemental and 20%/40% for elemental (depending on which is buffed)

you might could even add forceful expression, adding 18% to both numerator and denominator (as it now adds 18% rather than converts)

which would be (40+18)/(100+18)= ~9.8% mag increase/~19.7% with coms

I posted this on the subreddit and it seems most people disagreed, just wanted to see general consensus here.

That would be neat but its not really a big deal since Dread already does wonders for those Jakobs with pump-action reloads.

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that’s fair actually. she does also have quite a few reload speed buffs too (when they’re not bugged!)

but, she’s really the only vault hunter without any mag changes towards non-elemental guns. zane has praemunitus, moze has bottomless mags, and flak…is flak. I was just thinking i’d like something to help pick up a few of the smaller mag weapons somehow

Lol, Deep Well doesn’t even work on the Tsunami due to how they hid the elemental part

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