Amara's Infusion Skill Doesn't Work With Sustainment, On Purpose Or Not?

Damage converted by Infusion and Illuminated Fist doesn’t heal you but any elemental damage that a gun does that isn’t converted does. Meaning if you want to use Sustainment you shouln’t use Infusion, it seems like they overlooked it because i feel like Infusion and Sustainment should synergise


I would like an answer to this as well. Maliwan weapons suck this game and many of the physical legendaries are looking good.

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Agreed. Not only do the charged weapons suck because they feel clunky, they’re also slow to start firing and often have slow projectiles that are hard to aim. AND they almost always have less damage to boot.

Add to this that after spending 20 points (!!!) into Violent Tapestry, Anima, Wildfire and Conflux (in addition to having +4 to Conflux from my class mod) elemental damage still feels rather meh. The Moze I’m playing with can literally one-shot something that would take my dots several seconds to just burn through a third of their health. And there I am, hoping to trigger more dots with a 9-point Conflux and then hoping to spread them with Wildfire, while Moze’s attacks already one shot them with innate splash damage. And I spent 20 points (+4) into achieving something much less.

Also, while talking about bugs, Amara’s Remnant skill stops working every now and then requiring a restart of the game.


This absolutely broke the game for me…I was planing an Infusion+Sustainment build from before the game released and now I regret my class choice. Too let down to play last days.

it’s an actual bug (hope they fix this soon) we’re not the only ones:

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