Amara's Muse Com, is it the best for mobbing?

I am starting to think that the Muse com may be the best mobbing com for Amara with a melee/facepuncher build. Not so much for its special ability but for the range of skills it boosts.

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It is best for punching for sure. Here is my run of that Trial.

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Very nice. What build, and shield are you using?

Also noticed the end boss only had 2 phases whilst my run seemed to have 3 phases. Is this usual?

Finally, does the Muse special ability scale with mayhem? I didn’t find it did much damage, certainly not in the takedowns.

For melee I’m using this build Skill Calculator • Amara • BL3 | Lootlemon
Lvl1 Brawler Ward with phaseslam anointment, Stone Static Charge and Muse with +3 IF. Psychostabber with 300/90 as main weapon and Face Puncher 300% phaseslam as backup weapon.

In terms of phases it may be related with duration maybe? IDK, in most cases Trial Bosses have two phases.

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I still use a phasezerker and rely on TTB and indiscriminate for most of my mobbing… Along with Remnant.

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I have been using the phasezerker also. Just decided to give the Muse a go and was surprised with the results. It lacks the cooldown of the phasezerker though so I do rely on topped off a lot.

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May give that build a go, though the muse I have only has 1 point in Illuminated fist. I have the ward and psycho stabber.

I thought that the interaction between ttb and remnant has been ‘fixed’ (nerfed)?

Eta, oops, was thinking of the augment revelation

I assume other than trading for it or when they have those increased legendary drop events, a level 1 brawler ward is virtually impossible to obtain legitimately given level 1 legendaries are otherwise basically non existent and can only be found in covenant pass or maybe from a skag near the main fast travel in the droughts.

Does it really matter whether you have a level 1 shield or L20 for this to work? When you play on L65, it is going to be down all the time anyway, I suspect.

Lvl1 Brawler Ward is only available via “exploit” by joining lvl1 character in Sanctuary in coop game. I have also lvl 50 and it would work the same or almost the same in most cases.

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Question about Muse. Can it still drop +3 in Illuminated Fist or was it change to +1 now?

It was changed, now +1 is the only version with IF available in game.


Nift, good to know. Thanks.

The weird thing is, only Muse com was fixed. Others still can drop with wrong numbers like Flare with +3 SSB max.


Huh, I would have thought they adjusted them all if Muse was touched.