Amara's new com in need of adjustment? Fakegrasping need fixed among other things?

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But Amara not OP? Amara doesn’t need nerfed? Other VH need buffed to her level? Uh no.

How does something like this make it in the game. I’m legit wondering if there is any testing whatsoever.


Id rather they buff the others than nerf Amara…


Did you watch that clip??? That’s supposed to be the highest difficulty we have in the game. I don’t see the point in playing a game that is THAT easy on it’s highest difficulty. How can that be fun?


And in BL2 Sal could one shot Raid Bosses on OP10…this is nothing new. The entire point of BL is to find op combos of loot and skills to kill everything quickly.


There is no OP combo, there is no effort. It’s slapping on a com and pushing the I WIN button.

If this is how they intend the game to be played, then I guess I won’t be playing it once they “buff the others” because that is boring.


Well what do you expect when the head combat designer mains Amara…course she will be op af. Also thats Traunt, not super impressive tbh


Lol should have seen him killing Troy then. He 1 mags Agonizer. He deletes Troys first phase in one mag, does 2nd+3rd phase skipping the invuln in another mag. 3 mags total to kill Troy. And that’s ONLY because of the invuln phases kicking in, without those he would be deleted in seconds.

If you click full video and back it up you can see all this happen.

Traunts shield is beefy in MH4 btw, that is no small feat to demolish him in one magazine. Try the fight on any other VH.

Besides that we have solo Amaras speedrunning the new 4 man raid content. It’s just ridiculous.


This has been repeated across here and across reddit everyone knows this friend me, you, amara mains, and the devs nothing to do but to wait till next hot fix to see what they do wether they nerf her or keep her as is. My money is on they don’t touch a thing about her and start trying to buff the other hunters.


I’m aware it’s been talked about. I wanted to show a silly example that really highlights just how ridiculous it is.

Also, I’ll say it again. If they make all the VH this stupidly powerful at the hardest difficulty, I’ll be the first one out the door. Please don’t do that GBX.



I also agree with this. It’s insane that they clearly did zero math on their calculations. Maybe someone on their Amara team knew they were gonna get fired and just went for the moon?


This is the part that concerns me. Not even just with VH balance. With every single thing in the game, if they are this careless here, where else too?


I don’t know, because they seem to think they’re being super careful with Moze and Fl4k, but with Amara and Zane, it’s just hilarious or insulting.

Zane : bunny hop like a weirdo to reduce a little bit of damage

Amara: press button for 1 million


Yeah this shtick about ‘Amara is okay, we just need to buff everyone else to her level’ needs to stop. It’s one thing to say - ‘Zane is a little too weak right now, lets buff him to the level of Moze/Fl4k’. That wouldn’t be too difficult to accomplish - they just need to make some of his damage skill numbers bigger, and give him a class mod with a decent bonus like the Blast Master or Phasezerker.

But to buff Zane or the other classes to Amara’s level? What are we gonna do, give everyone COMS that buff their damage by 500%? Give everyone Life-tap levels of health regen as per Sustainment? Make all action skills have no cooldown? Make all conditional damage bonuses basically passive like they are on Amara? That’s clearly inane - and would immediately shatter the balance of the game. What is clear is Amara is currently incredibly overtuned - and they do need to fix many aspects of her gameplay.


Like if this is the new standard I’m ok with this but revert the fl4k nerfs to GITM


Stop asking for nerfs. They’ll nerf her, then another vault hunter will be the more powerful then they’ll nerf them, then the next one, then the next one. It will be your character one day then you’ll be raging on here about the nerfs


Nerf it, fix it, whatever you want to call it. But I’m sorry, this is not OK. And if it is OK and the way they want the game to play. Then I’m out like a lightbulb.

It’s not about that Amara is more powerful then Fl4k or Zane or Moze. It’s that this level of power is absurdly broken and devalues all the content in the game.


Or just enjoy your character and let others enjoy theirs. I’m not an Amara player so this isn’t for my benefit, but I was on the receiving end when they mega nerfed Flak, and it’s not great. Wait till it’s your character that’s the powerful one coz they nerf others.


Keep in mind that Amara is also the one who is currently least affected by bugs. But yeah, that COM is pretty crazy. A lot of it is Elemental Projector, btw, which you can abuse with anyone with the help of a low-level grenade.

You see this video and say that this is an appropriate difficulty for the hardest level in the game(MH4)? My personal opinion is that this is an extremely boring level of power if there is zero challenge and you can just 1 shot everything I find no reason to keep farming and working for growing in power when 1 class mod is enough to just win the game. I will leave and many other will also just get bored in days.

I guess if this is the feeling some people have then I’m a lot less surprised at the MH4 “bullet sponge” complaints.