Amara's new com in need of adjustment? Fakegrasping need fixed among other things?

Zane’s new mod is trash. What are you talking about. The infiltrator mod is and always was a better speed zane mod. They released antifreeze and it doesn’t even out perform the old speed zane mod we all ready had


Yep, what did I mean?

For me it depends on the definition of “good”. And I think that when people are claiming that the new mod is OP, they are relying on Youtube videos to prove it.

So for me, a “good” setup is able to kill Wotan solo on MH4 in under 5 min:

  1. at least 4 top tier guns with relevant anointments (Recursion, Brainstormer, 2x cutsman in shock/corrosive)
  2. Elemental Projector Victory Rush (with relevant bonuses)
  3. Spiritual Driver Mod (with relevant bonuses and also with optimal skill bonuses)
  4. Transformer shield with 50% bonus to fire/ice/rad (or terror)
  5. Grenade with 50% bonus to fire/ice/rad (not matching shield) (or terror)

Farming all of this would take 100s if not 1000s of hours… Even the Youtubers do not claim to have found these items.

I hope that this helps.

I’m not moving goal posts, you gave a specific list of gear, I didn’t until now…

Despite me falling on the side of “this is OP,” I don’t want it nerfed, I want it and its performance to be the bar for buffs to others.

Nerfing it is pointless, she can still casually clear with Zerker. And Nimbus. And Breaker. And no mod at all.

As easily as the devs break everything they touch I’d rather them buff a few things on others than nerf 6,243 things Amara has going for her. Plus I play for fun, to mow down hordes; I’d like to be able to on the other 3.


You need to give that new Mod another look.

I’m only on the nerf side of things because I’ve lost respect for the developers ability to balance. How Moze and Flakk got nerfed, and Amara hasn’t been touched is beyond me. My boy Zane gets half measures. And laughably terrible mods.


No. I don’t. 40% additive damage while jumping is out performed by most if not all basic anointment. Also the momentum engine in this game is trash, jumping loses speed. Unless you are falling from a great height. The mod is LITERALLY only good for graveward and Wotan since you are able to get high up and fall for EXTENDED periods of time.

The slide damage reduction is literal trash. Not even worth talking about at a mere 25% reduction; it was added to hide the fact that this mod does 3 different things BADLY. Its fluff. Also the 25% reduction to being slowed isn’t even enough to allow you to slide while Cryo’d. Thats laughable.The Mod is literally called Antifreeze and doesn’t even do that. The infiltrator adds MORE speed more consistently

Edit: You inspired me to make a topic on why Zane mod’s are bad so here it is


My buddy and I gave up farming for the new Zane mod and are just going for a good roll infiltrator mod. The new Zane mod is silly and encourages a playstyle that neither makes sense nor has practical application.

Whoever is building out Zane doesn’t understand how players use him, and keep making his dps output more and more situational and antisynergetic between trees. E.g CCC builds don’t really work well with speed builds. Also, places like Lectra city become almost impossible for speed Zanes because all the 3d environments stop the ice skating thus reducing dps output.

Players shouldn’t be forced to respec between zones, especially if there isn’t a loadout function (edited to add this last point)


watches as Zane and Amara fight over snowdrift and speed gear since she acquired Violent Momentum without skill points


I keep hearing this but it’s totally not true. Maybe if someone couldn’t hit a cows arse with a banjo. But I’m doing just fine with it and my aim is pretty bad but I can zoom around and hit shots still. I watch a few streamers who actually have good aim and it’s just insane what they do with CCC and speed. check out ilovecheese2 on twitch if you got a chance!

I honestly don’t even get what you mean when you make this statement though, but I’ve seen you say it more then once.


I’ll take a look. What about the other issue such as Zane dps being limited to larger ice skating rings vs city scapes like Lectra city?

Edit: just curious your thoughts.

Just got to be creative with pathing :slight_smile: Sometimes it’s forward/backward moving. Sometimes running in circles etc. It all depends, but I feel like theres always a strat. I been running CCC/Speed in the trial which is small areas btw, I posted a video in the “m4 is not fun it’s boring” thread if you are interested.

I agree with the skill aspect of what you are saying, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is still an anti-synergy. One thing makes another thing harder to do. Even if skilled players can overcome it, from a developer design standpoint, it can’t be seen as anything other than bad design.

That’s like game developers making a racing game where its is hard to turn right. But good players are still able to turn right. Still bad design. just that it can be overcome by player ingenuity and skill

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  • Zane flings out sntl
  • Amara phase locks Zane
  • It’s not the real Zane but his clone!
  • Zane shoots at her from behind, but she phase slam dodges
  • She charges a punch at him
  • He blocks with Barrier
  • Amara dies from the barrier shocking her dead
  • Zane dies from the impact of her punch knocking him and the barrier against a wall
  • Fl4k cloaks, grabs relic, and slides off

Zane’s new COM: Like a True Ghost: Kill Skill: Upon killing an enemy Zane turns invisible and all shots are critical hits, this effect lasts 5 secs

Fl4k players :open_mouth:/:scream:


Yo. That’s funny and sad because that is almost exactly what happened to Zane…


I just don’t see why it’s anti-synergy. Think of it like this. Yes it’s challenging to hit shots while moving fast. Agree. But that’s what makes it fun to me first off. Next, you already have to hit shots regardless of whether you are using CCC or you aren’t going to do damage. If you are already hitting shots, then CCC just happens and comes with the territory if you are using it. The next point, is one doesn’t have to be played with the other. I use a speed build that uses all VRED underbarrel mortars and gives my clone a FP. I don’t have to aim at all with it and it can clear hard content easily (like m4 trial of cunning). On the flip side I also use a CCC build where I just stand inside my barrier all the time and hardly move.

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You are asking him to share your opinion that the challenge of hitting crits at full speed or full slide speed is a fun challenge when his opinion is that the fact that it is harder to hit crits while at speed doesn’t synergies with precision shooting one might need to proc CCC.

I don’t think either opinion is wrong, but I tend to agree that basically running around like a loon and using assault rifles like I like to do isn’t the best recipe for success. Like you said you can adapt your play style, unless you don’t enjoy running, hopping, sliding and mortars. Then maybe play a different character? Like Amara she’s op and easy to use.


Zane Uses Death Follows Close for added f**-ery*


One thing: Zane is much better now. The VM scaling with Death follows close really bumped his DPS. And yeah, i’m open to the idea that a skilled player can proc CCC on the run. It just comes across to me that Zane has the fewest passive buffs of all characters. For example, boosting Moze is as simple as placing a few talent points and, in combat, continuously getting kills/hitting targets. Throw on a Transformer and a shock Jackhammer, and she can literally stand still and ramp up her damage.

However, for Zane, you have to proc an action skill, pick up the action skill, ice skate toward or around the target, and then accurately pop them in their crit location all without missing a beat. It just seems like an odd design difference between the classes, especially considering that Zane could simply be shot with ice and huge portions of his value drop for several seconds.

I totally agree that Zane is and should be a high risk/reward class. I also really love how he is right now, and many people of all skill levels can kick ass with him. He’s the rogue class in all RPG games ever. I just feel that without the proper changes, he’s really limited to a single build, and that build can be very situational.

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Average player here. I have a lot of legendaries, but without good anointments. Recently I found the Driver and it really brings Amara to another power level. Without the Driver I can farm Slaughter Shaft M1 comfortably. With the Driver I can even farm M4, because the damage is extreme with 25 stacks of Mindulness. In addition, the survivability is great too! When abusing Fakegrasp, it feels a little bit ridiculous, like not intended.

After finding the Driver, I have somehow lost the interest in my other lvl 50 characters. Amara is just so much stronger … It’s like playing a superhero game and you play Superman instead of Batman. Batman is so cool, but if I want to kill several hundred enemies I turn to Superman …