Amara's new com in need of adjustment? Fakegrasping need fixed among other things?

And No it doesn’t. Let’s say you use moze iron bear will die sometimes on spawn giving me a heavy cooldown. So I can’t get those buffs like Amara can consistently every 10-20 seconds.

Doesn’t sound like much fun, and will eliminate the satisfaction of finding your own stuff.

I meant: “wouldn’t farming for specific gear with specific anointments work with any character?”

I’m glad that we got through that. Arguing against the FACT that each VH CAN solo Wotan on MH4 in less than 5 min seemed crazy.

You guys were really starting to make me wonder what we are doing here…

I’m not sure that I agree that some of the things are glitches, though. Did Gearbox announce each of those things already?

Sadly no it doesn’t. Simply look at the anointments via wiki or something. You’ll seek Fl4k has 65% radiation while gammas up, sentinel only gives 50% Cryo. Digiclone swap does give 130% but bugs after the first swap. Moze gets jacked tbh compared to those two I can’t really use any gunner anointment, their terrible. Then pair it up with things only giving you ten seconds on ase end. Compare the long cooldowns for Zane and moze and you’ll see that Amara simply has the means to use almost anything in the game. Simply because she can activate hers every second (phasegrasp+ floor + driver) or phasecast takes about 20 seconds less if you carry cd down on gear. Not to mention her own anointments are huge compared to everyone else’s.

This is the only current problem between them all. She can pick up any weapon almost any anointment and be successful, mile ahead of everyone else.

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I should’ve clarified my point.

I never thought that it couldn’t be done. Even in my post history you can see me mention that it has been done.

What I meant and should’ve said is it hasn’t been done legitimately. As of 11 hours ago, if you count Recursion (which is glitched) as legitimate, then it has been done.

Also Gearbox doesn’t announce much because they don’t test anything. If they somehow get wind of this, I’m sure they’ll eventually acknowledge it as glitched. Extra element anoints seem to give guns extra projectiles instead of just bonus damage. It makes everything far more powerful.

Recursion isn’t an exception, but since it goes through the barrier which is one of Wotan’s big ol’ mechanics, I count it as glitched.

Let me clarify my stance since I feel ive been inconsistent thus far. I don’t think Amara herself needs too much of a nerf. I think FakeGrasping needs nerfed. And I think her COMs are over performing RELATIVE TO WHAT OTHER CHARACTERS HAVE. I also think her anointment are to good relative to what other characters have.

I do think she is the most complete and well rounded and best designed character. The developers just keep giving her vastly better tools than everyone else due to obvious bias which I noted in my month old thread
Many Things Are Geared Towards Amara. Other Vault Hunters Appear Under-cooked

For example I think Zane is the weakest character, but the developers compound that issue by giving him terrible tools. Worst COMs in the game as I explained here:

Amara’s issue is more so the Developers give her the best FOUNDATION and then give her the best tools of any VH as if she needs help when she clearly doesn’t.

  • Nerf Spiritual Driver
  • Nerf Phazerker(This was clearly the best MOD in the game before Spirtual Dirver)
  • Fix Fake Grasping
  • Stop giving her everything

We will revisit the this issue when the level cap increases and Amara starts really blowing people out of the water.


Spiritual driver is overpowered end of story.



This right here well said and is exactly the point. :pray:

Because I can look at her skill tree and analyze what she offers, come up with a theory on synergies execute in M0 and extrapolate into higher difficulties based on my time spent with the other three characters. Then based on the evidence I make an opinion.

It’s very similar to you stating that Zane can down Wotan in five minutes without actually doing it yourself. I could go so far as to say that until you go through the takedown and kill Wotan in five minutes or less then stop basing your opinion on that.

That would be unfair. It’s perfectly valid for you to defend the character as she is because you enjoy it. However, my opinion is that it would be best for the game in the long run if they bring her down.


Fl4k can already have ASE type anoints up almost all of the time with Rakk Attack, if RA didn’t have a literally broken interaction with Head Count maintaining ASE buffs permanently would be a given with the LnT/Head Count/Megavore synergy that got GiTM nerfed. They can already get pretty juicy DPS, I think if you take Spiritual Driver out of the equation Fl4K and Amara would at least be on par damage-wise (though there is still the issue of Amara having superior sustain without giving up DPS while Fl4K cannot achieve similar sustain even if they give up DPS to invest in all their regen skills.)

I would agree that a lot of the imbalance in M4 comes from the most powerful anointments tied to spammy-type action skills, and that Moze and Zane don’t have any class-specific anoints that synergize with their action skills which hurts their build and gear diversity.

I think an unrealized issue in this “Nerf Amara/buff the other VHs” argument is that while there are perfectly reasonable changes that would keep Amara strong in M4, the BL3 patch experience so far suggests what we’d actually get is…a mess. Given how poorly nerfs AND buffs have been applied to Fl4K, Moze and Zane, I can see why some players are nervous about nerfing anything else, and others do not feel like buffing is the answer as buffs literally do not work at the moment.


You trade off a lot by going Rakk though. She does not… with Fl4k yes as rakk you can access those ase just as fast but you give up a lot of survival for it. Fade away can allow your pet to taunt, gamma has its com for taunt too. When you go rakk pack you barely come back alive compared to Amara who can out heal out damage and retain her survivability via several means…You hit the nail on the head that’s a lot of the problem tbh.

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Let’s be honest if you haven’t played all four in the raid and only go off YouTube, you will get a very skewed view. It’s when you have full anointed gear per character that you go huh why can I solo on Amara better than every other vault hunter on any part of this game?

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And it’s glorious that she can do those things. I only wish the other vault hunters could too. It would be tragic to ruin her ability to make so many things viable.

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That’s why I said don’t nerf her. I disagree with nerfs cause gearbox did them terribly…

Yeah except the stuff @akiltheawesome mentioned that he wants nerfed would directly affect her ability to do some of these things.

And aside from that, fake grasping is so useful though. If they remove the ability to do that, they need to compensate and make buffs either last longer or work better without the ability to do this, or she’s going to come out much worse after the fact.

And I have my doubts that they would do that, if they nerf things as people want, they’ll mostly leave us to make due with the dredges left over.

That’s why I hate nerfs so bad in these types of games, because they usually are terribly implemented and go overboard more often than not, and it just leaves us in a terrible overall position.


Huh? Unfortunately I read your topic and post. It doesn’t make any case for “why it matters”. And, your response to my post, while defensive, doesn’t either.

Bottom line, there is an unlimited number of ways this game can be played, so play the way that gives you the most satisfaction. Issues with other characters, some real, some not, have nothing to do with Amara being op. Nor does BL2

Alright fair enough. The other classes have to straight up glitch and cheat using a non-class specific gimmick.

But you do realize that when the other 3 characters have to literally glitch the game and cheat using a non class related gimmick to match the power of a single character’s class mod - you can see the problem there, right?


What would satisfy what 3/4s of the community (everyone but amara) is amara getting nerfed to the ground. So what your saying is like saying 3/4s of the players opinions and why it matters are moot… That’s not a good thing…and if it was any other company they would listen to the majority of players vs a handful saying plz don’t nerf me… this has lead to bad designs before and is what he’s trying to prevent from happening due to the track record of bl2


huh? I reiterated it in the very comment you quoted.

Here I’ll put it once more.

It has nothing to do with not wanting people to have OP builds and everything to do with how content is balanced around builds people are using. OP levels in BL2 is why it matters.

We don’t want a situation where content we get eliminates 90% of the VH and the builds they can use to complete it. That’s what tends to happen when things like Sal are left in the game.

If you disagree with that, that’s fine, but quit saying we haven’t made this point when we have multiple times.


I don’t think it’s 3/4s of the community, not by a long shot. They’re a vocal minority really, but they’re often the ones who come to these forums and make themselves heard. So I try and make myself heard as well by coming to the forums and letting the forums know why I dislike nerfs.

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