Amara's new com in need of adjustment? Fakegrasping need fixed among other things?


Did I inspire you!?!

Nice time, you’re awesome at this game! You made Zane look like a shielded Amara, if Zane interacts similarly with the Cutsman (referring to the few times that the Recursion didn’t bounce around at the tail end of the fight, I know that the Recursion was the weapon used), you might rival Amara’s times with that strategy!

Yesterday @flightx3aa was demanding proof of times this fast.

Look now! You did it!

Much Respect.

They are not bad - its just they are nothing special, unique or different from his purple class mods. Fl4k just has a ton of inherent power (compared to Zane), so he pulls his weight - but make no mistake, his COMs do not add significantly to his power. Like I could swap the Stalker for a Thrillbot, Rakk Pakk for actually any class mod, DE4DEYE for literally any other DPS oriented class mod, and there won’t be a very discernable difference in performance. The ‘best’ COM is probably the Red Fang, because it has a truly unique special effect, but at this point its the only thing making Gamma Burst not totally inferior to F4de Away and Rakk Attack. The other COM that has a valuable Red Text Effect is the Bounty Hunter, but its more a utility COM for bosses.

The cutsman does NOT do this. The recursion is the reason why he is getting closer to Amara times. It is ricocheting many times on Wotan and doing Massive Damage. Amara with this same weapon would be even faster probably.

I agree, but the recursion slowed him down at the end. If he could have dealt a bunch of direct damage in the last phase, he might have had an even faster time. Maybe the Cutsman?

Notice that he made several attempts to get the Recursion to bounce at the end, but it didn’t do its job.

It’s 100% the recursion, the reason Amara can do it faster is because the anointments are required to make it really work, and she has 100% uptime. And not to try and sound like a dick lol, but you did not inspire me, I became aware of this interaction some time a couple days ago, you can see an edited topic of mine on here somewhere. It does not change my opinion of anything I’ve said in this thread. The recursion is going to get nerfed, unless gbox simply can’t fix it.


Imo this how I see all the characters legendary class mods ranked

  1. Amara: Has the best and most diverse class mods that are VERY impactful gameplay wise. She has OVERPERFORMING COMs that overshadow the fact she has a lot of great COMs to begin with
  2. Moze: Has VERY GOOD Class mods. They just aren’t very diverse and verstaile. But they are extremely good at what they are supposed to do. She needs variety.
  3. Flak: Has OK class mods. He has such a strong internal tree that his lack of impactful class mods doesn’t hinder him to much. Can stand to have more impactful Mods
  4. Zane: Has the worst and least impactful mod. Diversity doesn’t matter if you don’t even notice the effect. Made an entire thread on them because they are so bad
    How To Fix Every Zane Legendary COM

@flightx3aa to @polochampion00 yesterday:

Then @polochampion00 produces the “proof”.

Then @flightx3aa destroys the “established” time to kill Wotan with Zane

@flightx3aa to @polochampion00 today:

Much respect, but come on my guy!

I’ll take it a step further: I’ll bet that someone will now get Zane under 2 min!

Go get a recursion with 50% element for next 2 mags, a shield with 50% element ASE, and a nade for 50% element for ASE. I’m going to attempt a no skill point run later.

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I think you missed the part where he said the recursion is basically glitching the boss’s hit box.


I remember him saying that, and he also acknowledged that Amara’s fast times are reliant on the Recursion. Which makes a discussion about the class mod a little murkier at best…

But I am super excited for @flightx3aa for the new record. Well played.

Once again, Amara is proven to do insane things besides this wotan kill, and the class mod apparently adds “500% damage”. If that’s the case it’s overpowered compared to literally any other piece of gear in the game. On top of that fake grasp gives 100% anointment uptime which also gives her the edge while using these guns lol. I’ve said this all over and over a lot of times now.
And her under 1 minute wotan kill still says a lot regardless of recursion or not


@flightx3aa, It wouldn’t shock me if you post an under 1 minute kill of Wotan with Zane later this week… Maybe later today.

Exactly. Apparently it is wrong to have your character to get cool abilities in Borderlands? Kabflashes logic is that because his character is weaker than another, we should bring down that character so all characters can be miserable together. What a great idea.

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Please point out where I said anything like that so I can change it because I definitely don’t feel that way. :rofl:

My stance is that egregious outliers and obviously broken mechanics should be fixed. It’s always been my stance. It’s not really a question of “nerfing” or “buffing” anything.

I actually think that aside from a few outliers both on the strong and weak side, all the VH’s are in a pretty solid state atm.

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So Amara 's COM got adjusted and Mindfulness got nerfed, but nerf is so minor that it does not really matter much overall. Driver mod still does insane gun damage and she’s still fast.

Everyone happy now?


Seemed like a good adjustment to me. Both the fix to it affecting gun damage like it was supposed to from the start, and the adjustment to mindfulness. It’s still strong but not broken.

I still think ‘fakegrasping’ should be looked at, but over all pretty good .

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The shield recharge on mindfulness got nerfed along with the movement speed, which kind of sucks, but the com is in a better place, and still quite viable. Hell, the update fixed a nasty side affect where the DOT damage increase meant instant death if you catch your own DOT.

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All of the other VHs have the ability to have 100% uptime on neutral (non-VH specific annointments) in one way, shape, form, or another independent of specific gear or a com. Granted, the other VHs need more specific point investments when compared to Amara, but she should be no different. Fl4k, Zane, and Moze all gain some sort of AS benefit (with points spent) whereas Amara does not.

“Fake grasping” will also prevent some AS related skills from proccing as a tradeoff as well.

Not saying this was intended, but it is level in a way

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Bruh. All other vh also have 300% anointments. You play as Amara. What your doing is like trump complaining he’s poor

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