Amara's (purple tree) Expedite augment still currently not working at all

So it’s been awhile since then. This augment was useful when it first came into the game but then it got a buff aim towards it with a skill name Ascendant (which buffs all Amara’s augments basically) somewhere after the new skill trees came out in another update supposedly trying to improve Amara a bit more but the augment Expedite never got a chance to shine with that buff because it stopped working entirely since then.

I was hoping to see it fixed by now but coming back and seeing it still not working is A BUMMER! That was my favorite augment for Amara builds when it came out and seeing your favorite augment get some sort of buff aim towards it just to find out you can’t use it anymore just BLOWS! So does anyone know if Gearbox is aware of this?
Heck is there way to even fix this problem?

I love this augment…I didn’t expect it to still not be working after all this time that at this point I’m like thinking I rather they didn’t touch it in the first place if this is what would happen LIKE WHYYY!?

Crazy to think about…I made a post about this already and sent a ticket right after that too when it stopped working after that update :sob:


They are aware. We have no ETA on the fix.

Return to hibernation and try again in another 6 months.


OOF! AYE AYE CAPTAIN! :joy: :+1:


If GBX is unaware of any major problems like this at this point, it’s because they’re going out of their way to avoid them.


Make sense. (Though you would think they would prioritize fixing this because well first off it’s a skill tree you had to pay for so even though it’s just the augment not working imagine if a lot of skills in that tree didn’t work who the heck would be happy to spend money on that in first place and secondly how do you aim to buff Ascendant for Expedite only for you to not be able to use Expedite at all anymore)

This just seems a bit of a bad move. You could say it isn’t an easy fix because yes you right game development isn’t easy but to have it unusable this long? WHAT THE HECK? No doubt it’s Gearbox mostly just avoiding it altogether.

What was their response to your ticket?

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Modders already fixed Expedite (and Monkey Do) months ago by just reverting whatever change they made, and sent GBX the code as they do with most (if not all) of the fixes they do.

GBX has the solution already. They just aren’t implementing it for whatever reason.


At least they should comminucate whats going on. Like with the HUD scaling option on PC, here a GBX member told they are looking into it (this was more than a year ago). And still it is not fixed.

I know covid and stuff, but at least an “it will be fixed” would be a relief.

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The response to my ticket was basically “We’ll look into it”

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I see. Also, It really puzzles me how they couldn’t fix any of my 10-20 bugs that I have repored.

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