Amara's Sustainment skill need2 be fixed

where it objectively and factually matters Amara’s Sustainment skill is hot trash it doesnt give 20% lifesteal like it should4 individual bullets in fact the only way 2 actually make the skill do its job is 2 not only do excessive amounts of dmg so it can register but 2constistently hit enemies back 2 back inorder 4 the skill just 2 give me my 20% that is NOT how it should work each individual BULLET SHOULD BE 20% cuz dats how lifesteal/hp regen works in borderlands there’s no way in hell u have a melee relic like knife drain dat gives 75% on life steal and i only have 2 melee a bish not 3 not 20 times but ONCE N I GET THE FULLLL RESTORE VALUE LIKE I SHOULD4 DAT ONE MELEE Sustainment is a insult2 lifesteal weapons n relics alike there’s no excuse if i had a freaking flipping rubi dats 12% on EACH shot individually no matter wat 12 flipping % no matter whether u dealing dmg with the weapon or not this skill here struggles 2 even give me a flipping fraction of my 20% n u call dat lifesteal u mean the same sht dats spp2 be giving me hp back2 survive n u call dat lifesteal LOLLOLOLOL fix dat sht gearbox plz

Sustainment does do 20% per bullet as long as you are using an Elemental gun. I also hear it is working with Infusion now.

Also, that was a massive hard to read sentence.


no it doesnt give 20% per elemental shot the only way the skill works is if you’re doing 1. excessive dmg and 2. putting in multiple shots into the enemy pont blank period there aint no hiding dis god awful skill this isnt a knife drain relic or moxxi weapon if you’re not doing both of 1 and 2 together u can 4get getting hp becuz the amount of hp u get back is also based on the amount of dmg u deal so if you’re dmg is trash then yo hp gonna be trash 2 simple as dat

…so. If your bullet does 100 damage, you get 20 life. If your bullet does 1000, you get 200.

If you’re using a non elemental gun and relying on FE or Infusions for the Elemental Damage, then those numbers are gonna be considerably lower


something like that yes basically despite what the skill says the mechanics behind it is awhole diff. story basically unlike knife drain relics and moxxi weapons which give exact restore value 4 each individual hit that is scored with said relic or gun the Sustainment skill’s hp regen is highly dependent upon how much dmg u deal and how many hits u’ve got on the enemy

so therefore if your dmg is trash then your hp regen factor is going2 be trash no natter how many shots u land u need2 be doing major dmg in order4 the skill 2 kick in properly and reward u with alot of hp regen

Shoot lots. then reload and shoot some more! :smiley:

Weird question, are you using a Tsunami?

oh no lol 4 my specific build i modified thru trial and error i use the cutsman

Y’all, does the beam of the Cutsman function like a DoT and work weird with Sus? I haven’t used one since my first time on E6

yes it does function as a dot and yes it does work with sustainment

the only down side2 using the cutsman is if you’re shooting the projectiles 2 close 2 the target it wont register the projectiles so u have 2 be at a distance most of the times so that wont happen

I’m just trying to sort out what’s giving you bad results.

With a max health of. Lemme round, 7000.l

Let’s assume you have a fire cuts at 1400 damage. Let’s ignore elemental boosts and stuff. If you only had Sustainment and the gun. You should get 280 per hit.

So 25 hits fills you, technically.

You’re gonna need to maximize targets then. Most other guns benefit from indiscriminate. That sends bonus bullets every where. Which means more healing.


tbh idk the exact nums of how much is given 2 me per hit but basically a gd indication of how bad or good something is working 4 u is by basically c-ing if your hp bummed up alot or is it barely moving even after getting the regen factor thats how ik then and there that damage plays a big role in the skill in general especially if you’re matching or not matching elements 4 enemies

also sadly so cutsman doesnt benefit wat so ever from ricochet skills becuz basically the way the game registers the projectiles it seems 2 label it as like a laser beam going across enemies instead of bullets unlike a crossroad that literally shoots bullets and so benefits from the ricochet skill

another thing 2 keep in mind when playing amara not all weapons have enough punch in them 2 generate large hp factors either despite setting skills up properly thats also why i use a cutsman becuz despite it not being registered as a bullet type of weapon and rather lasers it does MASSIVEEEEE AMOUNTS OF DAMAGE like im tlking BIG bro and thats from a weapon that has slow projectile speed as well 2 a degree anyways its not as terrible as torgue projectile speed but it still gets the job done

I’m confused. Do you think Sustainment is meant to give you 20% of your max HP per bullet? As in 5 bullets for a full heal? Because that’s not how lifesteal works. It will take 20% of the damage you dealt and return it as healing. So of course higher dps weapons will give you more healing, because 20% of 10000 damage is higher than 20% of 500 damage.

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It restores 20% of the elemental damage dealt as advertised and keeps you topped off easily so long as you get DoT and land your shots. My Phasezerker amara rarely goes down ever because her health sustain is so good so I see no reason to buff it or “Fix it” as you say. When I fire my brainstormer into a group for example I am practically invincible because of its crazy good effectiveness.

1st of all let me get this straight u saying becuz u using a flipping brainstormer…A BRAINSTORMER the same weapon that consistently shoots electricity 2 any enemy within radius of the target u shot counting it as registered bullets means the skill is just MAGICALLY working as intended i dont think so run dat sht back n put on another weapon that isnt a brainstormer and i bet chu wont be getting the same results again u think u mad slick or something everybody and i mean EVERYBODY knows wtf a brainstormer is and does everybody knows that weapon gets multiple and when i say multiple i mean MULTIPLE HITS ALL IN JUST 1 FLIPPING BULLET so of courrrrrse you’re getting mad hp regen becuz you’re capable of hitting the enemies multiple times all in 1 go doing massive amounts of dmg consistently at dat as well

like did u or did u not hear me whn i said the skill is BASED off of 3 flipping important things 1. Damage 2. multiple bullet shots and 3, the weapon so if your dmg or weapon is trash then your hp regen is gonna be trash as well point blank period

It only scales off damage. That’s it. As long as it is an Elemental gun you will heal for 20% of all damage done.

If I shoot a sniper that does one bullet for 1000 damage, I will heal for 200 hp. If I shoot a shotgun with 10 pellets that do 100 damage each for a total of 1000 damage, I will heal for 200 hp.

I could use any gun and get healed. It doesn’t matter if it’s legendary or white, it will still heal for 20% of the damage done.

You need to properly construct a sentence, or at least try, before you go on a misunderstanding rant. Or are you just trolling?


I don’t understand what you are doing. Unless you are using the legendary non-elemental Cutsman that doesn’t exist, the Cutsman is insanely good with Sustainment. I can literally go from 10% to full health in 1 sec with 2 points in Sustainment with the Cutsman.

There’s nothing to fix with Sustainment - it functions like any lifesteal skill in the franchise - the more damage you deal the more you heal. Its easily the top 2 or 3 healing skills in the game - and its entirely passive.

i dont need2 properly construct anything becuz i dont waste my time on putting periods and commas n sht cuz its a waste of time period its called working smarter not harder

u keep trying2 argue dat the skill is oh so magically not busted whn it is busted this isnt some 1 and done sht this is based off of MULTIPLE modifiers u think dis sht is just some linear simple mechanic dats just based off of pure damage when its not in fact ima educate u on some sht anyways

the fact that damage has part in the skills function alrdy PROVES dat it aint doing wat its spp2 be doing in da 1st place becuz lifesteal abilitys in the borderlands series are not BASED OFF OF DAMAGE period becuz if u played borderlands 2 and or Presequel u wld know u cld take moxxi’s rubi or grog nozzle of any level and STILL get the full 12% and or 65% of lifesteal 2 heal yourself it didnt matter HERE? its the other way around u have 2 not only make sure you’re outputting the right amount of dmg 4 the skill2 work but u have 2 also be using a weapon that hits hard as well it just cant be any type of loosey goosey type of sht thats y im saying wat im saying now becuz I’ve tested dis sht that’s y im here now doing wat im doing now cuz im not stupid