Amara's Wildfire Bug

Amara’s Skill wildfire stops working after a little while of playing, making it basically useless, its fantastic while it is working though.

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It seems also Remnant stops working evertually also

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bump cos this absolutely sucks

Remnant has literally been bugged since the game has been out, having you save and quit to fix it. If Wildfire is screwed too, Amara is even more buggy and broken than I thought.

yeah pretty dissapointed tbh, wildfire is so strong, literally just aim a badass and everything else burns, melts and gets zapped to death

still bugged as of 4/3/20 hotfixes

Again, still bugged as of 4/23/20 update.

Still stops working as of bounty of blood release :frowning:
Anyone else notice this happening or is my game bugged?