Amateur Hour featuring Adabiviak

So I’m maybe twenty minutes into the game (just finished my first mission… I think). I figured I’d get a character started, run the opening sequences, fine-tune the controls, get my feet on the ground and see how the game feels before really getting into it. I’m a bit lost, and the FAQ and Beginner’s Guide don’t address these questions.

The purpose of this (hopefully brief) topic is for me to post my own questions about the game. I’d much rather engage the community here for the questions than let Google point me at Youtube videos for answers. So up first: I’m playing private missions (no real desire at this time to play multiplayer). Do I still need to be online? It seems like it’s still trying to put me on a dedicated server. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I was hoping to avoid latency issues by playing solo (among other things).

Yes you do. The game is online only.

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I’m playing the Prologue (again). Is Mellka the only character I get to play at this point? Possibly, but maybe I’m missing something.

Melka is the only playable character in the prologue.

Mellka is the only one available in the Prologue. After you finish it, you should have access to everybody else.

Thanks again.

Shards… some fall from the sky. Are these scripted? Specifically… is it worth backtracking to see if any fell behind me while playing?

Sometimes based on the map. But it’s not worth backtracking or waiting out the respawn timer. This feature is only useful on missions where you do a lot of backtracking naturally like the Experiment, or in PvP where almost all the shards you can obtain spawn on a set timer and in the same location. Most missions give you way more shards then you could ever need.

Bonus: You only have 60 minutes in game to complete a mission, and 120 minutes on the server (aka time before you get booted with pause time included).

[quote=“khimerakiller, post:7, topic:1558589”]Bonus: You only have 60 minutes in game to complete a mission, and 120 minutes on the server (aka time before you get booted with pause time included).
[/quote]Oh shiz… that’s good to know; I’m spending a lot of time milling around, figuring out action skills and the like.

What does a repair and temporal drones do?

Repair drones will heal you at a slow rate, but only to 50% health. They’ll also heal your structures. Temporal drones fire a slow moving but large AoE that slows enemies caught in it and deals slight DoT, good for The Renegade, I prefer repair drones on The Saboteur though to keep your turrets healthy.

Also, whenever you have the option to build turrets, select Thumper turrets where available, they deal heavy damage and slow anything they hit. If you intend to play with multiple players, repair drones will repair each other, so in those cases it’s a good idea to have a temporal and repair drone on the field, with three or more players I always have two repair drones and the rest temporals. Although you can buy multiple drones, you can only have one active at a time.

I don’t think drones are ever necessary, but if you can afford one they’re helpful, especially if you’re still getting a feel for the game. Turrets are important on most maps, especially The Experiment and The Saboteur.


You wont get gear untill lvl 3 (player lvl) so use your shards to buy everything.

Buy what @Slif_One said, those are the best buildables and make the game easier.

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Hi! Welcome to the party! Let’s talk about traps!

You’ll come across these tall, tower like buildables nodes, much like turrets and drones nodes. They’ll give you the option of temporal, flash, and fire traps.

Now, if you’re anything like most people I play with, you’re gonna think “fire! Neat! I’ll use that to burn enemies!” and that’s okay. There are few problems liberal application of fire can’t solve. Hell, even forest fires can be solved by fire.

But hold on. Look around you. Is that trap in the line of sight of your turrets? Is it in line of sight of several turrets? Let me tell you what the other traps do real quick.

Temporal traps emit a constant or near-constant aura that slows enemies, much like a temporal drone. Flash traps will periodically shine, stunning and blinding enemies.

I believe you see where I’m going with this. Get clever with your traps. Sometimes direct damage isn’t the best answer.

This is the knowledge I pass onto thee. Go forth and conquer.


They’ll also pull those pesky veil walkers out of their, um, whatever it is they do, their invincibility cloak thing.

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Thanks… I just found the dojo, so I’m going to play in there for a bit. The bird guy (forget his name) had some big nuke that he pulled out of his butt, and I should probably know how to use that sort of thing properly before combat. :blush:



This cracked me up.


the best part about this is that there are two characters that fit this discription :grin:

glad to see you on the forums! keep asking questions if you need, i’m sure some of us will be able to answer pretty often


The worst part is that there are three bird guys, they all have nuke-like ults, and each one fits the description of a type of…

…Y’know what? Nevermind. Not sure I wanna go down this road.


No foolin’? This changes my plans on some missions considerably, thanks!

WELCOME TO THE FORUMS! If you don’t mind me asking what system do you play on and do you have discord? There is an unofficial BB discord with many people on it that I’m sure are willing to help you along your journey to save Solus.

@Adabiviak - Hey there. So you made it to Battleborn! Have fun.

Couple of pointers for you. All the Eldrid characters have health regen as a passive. Not huge, but they don’t have shields to start either. You can add a shield into your item loadout though. Shields prevent you from being critically hit hence why people may use them, especially in PvP.

Critical hits are based per character. Some do lots more than others. Thorn for example, has a very high critical multiplier, about 400% (never bothered to work it out). Your damage and health will get higher as you level as you’ve probably seen already. Some Battleborn have health and shield upgrades which can make them super tanky, others like Orendi have high burst damage but small health, very much glass cannon style. It helps to figure out what items to add into your loadout to either give you more damage, or health regen and max health or shields. Some also have health steal.

When i did all my testing of characters, i’d either do it in solo missions, giving you time to level up and camp about trying stuff out, or versus AI in games like Incursion - choose your own map. You can play PvP stuff versus AI solo or with people, and this is also pretty good for testing out skills and team work.

The credits you earn can buy more loadout spaces and bank space. You can list your bank space by NEW, or ITEM or COLOUR and it’s best to keep on top of it, especially if doing lots of missions as you get tons of rewards. In PvP you don’t, but you can buy packs using credits to get new gear.

If you were on ps4 i’d be more than happy to help you.

I haven’t played in a while so perhaps I’m wrong or something has changed, but to my understanding this is incorrect.

1.5x critical hit multiplies against Battleborn, 3x against all other enemies.

Interestingly, the critical hit multiplier against Sister Aria is 1.5x.


[quote=“lostkrouu, post:17, topic:1558589”]what system do you play on and do you have discord?[/quote]PC (Steam), and I do have Discord.

[quote="DaRTH_FuRioN, post:18, topic:1558589"]So you made it to Battleborn![/quote]I'm giving it a spin here.
[quote="DaRTH_FuRioN, post:18, topic:1558589"]All the Eldrid characters have health regen as a passive.[/quote]Is there an icon or something to tell them apart? Mellka (apparently Eldrid) had health regen, and I figured it was part of the game, but I found out the hard way that Benedict (my second character) didn't :laughing: There's a little EKG icon to the right of the health bar that apparently shows the regen rate if you have it though?
[quote="DaRTH_FuRioN, post:18, topic:1558589"]item loadout[/quote]I haven't even found this yet, although I'm not sure I have any items. Are the items, eh, permanent, or (like your build) do you have to find fresh ones whenever you play?
[quote="DaRTH_FuRioN, post:18, topic:1558589"]Shields prevent you from being critically hit hence why people may use them, especially in PvP.[/quote]Maybe I'm lucky that I haven't been hit like that yet. On the second map, some robot with a visible laser sight (and thankfully slow reflexes) was sure trying though. Why *wouldn't* someone equip a shield?