Amazing New Battleborn Dance Vid (link inside)

I take zero credit for this other than linking. It was put on the reddit a few days ago and im sure many of you have probably seen it already.

For those that haven’t, it’s a must watch :slight_smile:

I see it was put on the Battleplan thread too recently but it deserves it’s own special post in the general thread.


I was actually gonna post this put decided not to, I thought it was really well made, I have no idea who the person is who made it but it’s good to watch!

Oh man, this is so rad! We’re passing this around the office :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Mere,

Excellent! Be sure to give PSCheeses (the youtube creator) props for it :slight_smile: I’m sure he would be thrilled

his reddit tag is ElDragooon

I found it initially on the reddit sub - it currently has 84 likes !

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