Amazing way to play new Arms Race, RIGHT NOW!

Found this great trick, that allows you to play Arms Race, right now. Just follow the advice below. It should work on any mayhem level, but let me know how you get on.
Note: you might want to back up your character, before trying this, just in case.

  1. Go to Sanctuary 3
  2. Deposit ALL your items in the bank. Make sure you have NOTHING in your inventory and NOTHING equipped, for this to work.
  3. Go to the New-U machine and respec. DO NOT put any points into your skills, or it won’t work. DO NOT even buy your action skill.
  4. Go to your guardian rank menu and disable it completely.
  5. Go to Athenas (or any map with a fairly straight path and a boss at the end).
  6. Set an alarm on your phone or any countdown device for 25 minutes.
  7. GO! Run through the map as fast as you can. Try to get to the boss at the end of the map and kill them before the timer runs out.
  8. If you fail to complete the map within the time limit, you have to fast travel back to the start and sell EVERYTHING you found, at the vendors. But, if you make it all the way to the end and kill the boss in time, you keep it all.

That’s it. That’s the new mode.
Sure, you don’t get the new legendaries, yet, but everything else is the same, except you can tweak some of these things if you want, such as allowing action skills and/or guardian ranks, to make it more like an ACTUAL borderlands mode.

Please let me know how you get on. I’d love for everyone who thinks the new mode is bad to try this, and especially everyone cheering about how great it is, to try it, too.


yea but white-green-blue-purp guns you find would be ■■■■ lol


As much as I like this it looks like an awful lot of hassle. May I propose this simpler option.

  1. Start new character.
  2. Just don‘t unlock your skill point at Lv. 2



It’s almost like you’re trying to prove a point but it still sounds fun. Can’t wait to try it the simple way.


Well with all the the things that we have to endure with Borderlands 3 I just have to resort to humour or sarcasm at some point, otherwise I would go mad.

If you read some of my rants you will see I will unexcepted crack a joke sooner or later : )


HOLY ■■■■! That totally worked! This new game mode is… honestly really boring. Why would I want to play a game, where the main draw is the unique action skills of each character, without the action skills that make each character unique?


You forgot one other step: send $30 to Gearbox


…Because the guns are really fun to play with too.

I get why this is called the Designer’s cut now. Consider the people they interviewed on the Borderlands Show about their contributions:

We got a gunplay/ movement designer to talk about how Arms Race is a showcase for their particular skills and design work and that of the level designers.

We got a skills designer to talk about the Fourth Trees and action skills that can be used in the campaign exclusively. They were freed up to fill any holes in the characters’ potential.

That is basically saying the gunplay designers hard work is being obscured by the focus on Skill trees, and the level design was compromised by the needs of the narrative pacing of the game.

The Final Form character models are the artists getting to showcase their talents on the character designs independent of narrative constraints.

So each DLC is a portfolio piece for their contribution to the game.


@hovismetaphor55 Brutal. But true.

I hate to pass judgement before playing the new mode, and I also hate to be the broken record guy - but damn, they really should be spending these resources making the game that already exists work correctly, as opposed to adding a game mode that appears to be more or less a half-baked idea.

At least in this new game there will be no interactions between skills and gear that can glitch up the game, right? Wait … who am I kidding?!?

Let me be clear and say that I absolutely will buy and try the new game mode, because it is Borderlands and I am a diehard sucker who is already very invested in the franchise. I was always going to buy it. But I don’t feel good about it - either the new game mode or the purchase of it.


Are we going to get a racing mode next to highlight the work of those who designed that system?
Are we going to get a “create your own custom head/skin” mode so that we can highlight the work of those who designed the characters?
Are we going to get a…(*bla bla bla)

I’m not saying they couldn’t show appreciation for the gunplay, but completely locking players out of what make their characters unique is just silly. PLENTY of people admire the gunplay of this game. Hell, when it came out I applauded the designs/models, sound work, and handling of the weapons in the game.
We appreciate their work and enjoy the guns. However, this is a class based RPFPS. If you take away the class then you take away the RP and are left with FPS. Stripping us of our abilities is NOT going to make the game more enjoyable or fix the plethora of problems plaguing it. It’s just going to aggravate the problems and create more. Moreover, the playerbase KNOWS that which means it’s going to cause more problems with them.

It is clear that they weren’t/aren’t making BL3 for the Borderlands franchise fans because they ignore us at every turn.


it has different scale lol you will get roasted :smiley: and your guns will do negative amount of dmg


Well, they put a lot of customizations into them vehicles and made sure we had full story mission levels where we had no choice but to use them, along with a series of Crew missions, so I can totally see a Borderlands Cart party game coming around the bend. Also, before I upgraded my GPU the one part of the game that taxed my system more than anything else in game was driving. It played in literal slow motion to the point when I quit playing in the Promethean Laterals and immediately returned my GPU and ordered a new one online. There’s a lot going on with the physics engine and material complexity.

Oh, and they already (which I addressed) released the Final Form Multiverse Character Models to mix and match with existing skins and heads, so that covers that base. These modes are designer showcases, so that covers that angle. :sunglasses:

How were they constrained by the narrative before? I’ve never thought heads and skins have never seemed to be beholden to the story, though some are related.

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The Character Models are static, heads and skins vary, but in-game.the defaults are not up to them alone.

As described, these are the designers ideas of what they would look like in alternate realities where they aren’t Vault Hunters.

To me, that reads as, the artists being allowed to fully flex their perception of the character descriptions with less regard for the story/ game director’s input on what they should look like and convey.

Calling them “Ultimate/ Final Form” itself is a nice call back to Frieza’s jest “This isn’t even my Final Form”. As if to say, we didn’t get to see their best work in-game, and now we’re gonna really be impressed.

How would you interpret that?


My take on them is they convey how the Vault Hunters originally looked and still would if they wouldn’t persued vault hunting.

Amara is clearly doning her Tiger of Partali vigilante outfit.

Zane’s is probably the newest and highest end espionage suit a corporate assassins could get.

Moze may have been promoted to general down the line if she didn’t ditched the Ursa Corps.

And FL4K, I’m not really sure maybe they would have outfitted themselves with higher grade parts if they didn’t turned to a life in the wilderness/hobo, thus the missing jacket.

Also, happy cake day.


That’s how I read the designs for the most part, I meant more how would we interpret the designers being given the opportunity to create their Ultimate Forms apart from the games context? They get to design them strictly on head canon, showcasing their personal interpretations, in line with the showcases for the other designers. Why else?

People did do this/are doing it with BL2. I’d say it’s pretty small niche of the playerbase though.

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Sounds great. Just played a round on skywell on M1 and it was nuts. There’s also a start chest before encounter the first enemies.

But no joke since the Halloween event my game crushes multiple times and sometimes after save and quitting. Definitely going to wait until the season pass 2 is halved prized.

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Yeh, but you kinda gotta disable or at least turn down Mayhem Mode a fair bit because M10 health values are not at all balanced for basic guns and no-skill characters.

I mean, Arms Race has the health values adjusted for that (at least that’s what they said on the Borderlands Show) but your average M10 green Tediore pistol isn’t even gonna tickle an M10 badass without any skills and GR.


Hate to say but that’s what i do anyway. I’ve played every class in the franchise with that being a key feature. Sure I love my maxed lv65s with all legendary gear and magical builds. But its a unique flavor of fun when you’re lv25 again with nothing resembling a build and you’ve been limping along on gear when you find a purple gun that doesnt do anything special, it’s just really good.

When I have a maxed character with a setup I like but I want to try a different one, I don’t respec, I start a new character.Its always more fun that way.

I’ll buy the new SP at some point but I agree the new mode is a kind of a lazy cop-out from a mechanics standpoint.