Amazing way to play new Arms Race, RIGHT NOW!

Exactly like in the new mode, then.

That’s optional, lol.

Yeah, that’s how I used to feel, but Mayhem 2.0 changed that. Now, I’m going to hang back and wait for all future gearbox content, before buying. Treat them like I do with Bethesda.

Oh yeah, I’d stick to the lower mayhem levels.

Actually that gives me a great idea, is there some trick to bring a lv1 character to proving ground or slaughter shaft, like people making lv1 shields and whatnot?

Otherwise I ll bring a fully levelled character to Slaughter shaft but

-Reset all skill points
-Empty inventory
-No guardian ranks
-No vendors

Attribute skills points after completing slaughter shaft waves following these rules:
-after 1-1 till 2-1 : 1 point , unlock action skill
-2-2 through 3-1 : 2 points
-3-2 : 3 points
the rest of the waves 5 points

so all 63 points are attributed by the final wave

Initial gearing : maybe a little harsh to come empty, is there a white chest easy of access somewhere? :thinking:
There is a red chest on Ellie garage on Pandora but may not respawn, not good in mayhem 0 is it not at lv65 but lv 2. Well never mind that loot containers outside arena :rofl:

Mayhem 0 or low mayhem for better feel

Holy cow! this is super hard, trying it mayhem 0

After dying a few times got a shield and a sniper

and then :open_mouth:

first wave completed! died like 5-6 times, first white class mod with 1 point violent momentum.Hey it is actually fun!
ok screw this dlc I am doing my own arm race


Awesome, sounds interesting, glad you’re having fun. Might have to try something like that, lol.

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Sort of makes the point the designers were trying to stress with Arm’s Race: Core gameplay is well designed and challenging without the power creep of RPG elements.

Basically the game has the Dragonball problem of powering everything up to godhood and undermining the root design of the game.


Just did a few rounds and I think I’m addicted… I mean its really raw, bloody, paced and I synced an atom balm with an epic cov pistol, radiation… Hit the boss got nice gear.

Last run, oh doosy.

Ok I had madcap, sic but must have lost myself in the battle - in a tiny eye of the storm forced to the boss, time had gotten away from me. Fell on the boss with bad gear and lost.

Very crafty GB. I may need Arms Race Anonymous to step in


yes the idea of arm race is interesting, imo what is missing is a progression within the mode, what you usually have in rogue like. The arm race is more a bonus stage of sort: a place with a custom no penality rule but limited time where the goal is to hoard as many items as possible for use in the real game


That would basically make it Battleborn with Loot Drops instead of locked character specific weapons. I sure they wanted to avoid that comparison.

I dont know anything about Battleborn, by progression I mean one as you can find in pretty much any rogue like: several dungeons/arenas with increased difficulty, a beginning and an end, you gain skills and items gradually as you progress to become more powerful. It is what I emulated with my circle of slaughter rules, only thing missing being random spawn/arena variation from which you need procedural generation code.


Battleborn was structured so that during every round/ map you could level up 10 times, picking one of two options to unlock skills and weapons/ enhancements. It reset each game. The maps were static IIRC.

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not a bad principle if you ask me. That s pretty much what I am doing on my own :rofl:


Yeah, except it was PvP, meaning the best players leveled up faster and got more powerful and so killed faster and the cycle repeats until they hit max and everyone else is trying to catch up?

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Why was I thinking it was Coop teams vs. the CPU, I guess it was in the campaign? But competitive was team vs. team? I never went further than the tutorial because my OC couldn’t run the game. And now that I have a PC that can, the game’s finished

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Uhhhh, OK - is it just me who has noticed that if you play solo, the Arms Race mode is just an only found gear one-life?

They turned the challenge runs done by Oboeshoes, Joltz, and others over the years (more on the end of “weird challenge runs as opposed to other runs, like allegiance, elemental, etc.) into a game mode. That’s what this is. Randomizer would have been a better choice I think LOL.

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Mayhem Mode IS their equivalent of enemy randomizer in a way…

All the wild effects reminded me of a lot of the custom UPC additions to Bl2 that were added as mechanics to certain weapons and relics.

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Wait until season pass2 is free or they pay you for it!

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I’m going to wait until I got my not yet ordered ps5…

Probably a good Idea. I have an Xbox One X and at this point don’t see a reason for the Newer Xbox series X, such stupid naming conventions…why not Xbox 4 or 5 or what ever? Like Sony, so simple…