Amazon Collector's Edition claims no release date

With the game getting ready to be release on the 25th I went to check my pre-order status and it says “Delivery estimate: We need a little more time to provide you with a good estimate.”. So I tried chatting with customer service and they told me that the manufacturer hasn’t given them a shipping date so they can’t update me on my order. I find this odd seeing as I have seen others with amazon orders that at least has an arrival date, even if it is later then the 25th.

I placed my order on May 10, 2014, the first day pre-orders started so I am really hoping that I am not getting screwed out of my collector’s edition.

I’m also have the same thing.

Did Amazon not get the memo?

Well, I am glad I’m not the only one but at the same time I hope a fellow fan isn’t getting screwed over by amazon too.

amazon should have the correct info now since the product page has the release date listed. I think you should talk with them again

I talked to them yesterday and told them the same thing, I suppose I could post my transcript but I am really hoping someone at gearbox could shed some light on this.

I’m having the same issue. I found out about the CE a little late and so didn’t preorder until 12 June, so I’m worried my order may not have been accepted. I’m moving for work at the end of March so I hopefully will receive the CE before then. If not I have to send it to my father’s house five hours away and either have him ship it or go and pick it up.

The release date of the Collector’s Edition is February 25, the same as the digital standard edition. All of the Amazon listings should have this set as the release date. Let me know if you see otherwise!

I’d expect to see your order status updating sometime this week, if not early next week.

I’m having the same issue with newegg. The posted date is 12/31/15 and I told him that it should be arriving 12/25/15.

Mine does not, even contacted Amazon and was told a fake delivery date ( Today )

Talking to Amazon:

07:32 AM PST Kim(Amazon): Hello, my name is Kim. I’m here to help you today.
07:32 AM PST Me: ok
07:33 AM PST Kim(Amazon): let me go ahead and check this for you, please give me a moment.
07:34 AM PST Kim(Amazon): Are you referring about this item: Homeworld Remastered Collector’s Edition
07:35 AM PST Me: Yes
07:36 AM PST Kim(Amazon): Checking the item right no…
07:38 AM PST Kim(Amazon): Thank you for waiting.
07:39 AM PST Kim(Amazon): Upon checking, the inventory for this item was not yet deliver to Amazon and that’s the main reason why this product was not yet available in our website, I’m sorry for getting this item so late.
07:40 AM PST Kim(Amazon): But once this item was already available in our inventory, we will send you a confirmation to make sure that you will be notify regarding this order.
And we will process also your order.
07:40 AM PST Me: Thank you.

So, absolutely no one knows where they are. Gearbox is saying Amazon has them all. Amazon (US) has no idea where they are. Amazon UK seems fairly confident so they’re either blissfully ignorant or they know exactly where they are, and the major news outlets are already unboxing theirs as if to say “HA HA”.

I mean WTF, the CEs are sold out right? so what’s the point of an unboxing other than to say “WE GOT IT FIRST, LOSERS!” It’s not like they’re showing gameplay footage, just showing us poor US saps what we don’t have and NO ONE can give us more information about.

Amazon doesn’t know, Gearbox says it’s not their responsibility, and there’s so much to do at Kharak-land but you can’t come… especially Stan and Kyle.

Amazon don’t like to hold onto inventory for a long time. Judging by them going out to press people now, it’s probably a fairly educated guess to say Amazon will receive the shipment soon. Once they have it (if they don’t already) it will be a short while before they get them all into their systems (and actually physically in the right places in Amazon’s massive infrastructure), which then update the customers with an ETA.

When someone from Gearbox on Monday says you should start hearing in “a week or so” then they should know what they are talking about. All I’m saying is don’t panic.

And keep a paper bag nearby just in case you feel the need to hyperventilate.

Panic, no. As I posted in ye olden forums, it’s mainly a mild annoyance that people who aren’t spending this insane amount of money (no complaints, I acknowledge full well that I’m not sane) for a model will more than likely be playing it before we will. We being the collectors… the true fans.

I don’t expect to be hyperventilating either… I’ll be playing Evolve and The Order to distract me from the forum posts telling me how cool the game is. It’s been a great week for games.

This is precisely why I ordered a second copy via Steam. First, so I could have it “at release” and still get the CE without being late to the party. For me at least, I’ll probably end up giving away the second key on on my Twitch Stream, so it’s a win-win either way.

Amazon just updated and told me to expect my shipment on the 25th! I hope the other who were having the same issue have had their order updated as well.

panic, O-o I’m not panicking I’m…I’m just…O-o… OK I’m panicking!

Give it time, emails are still going out, it’s not one huge wave it’s a progressive thing. I hadn’t got my email when they were posting, but I’ve got it now.

I also got my notice last night, that it’s been updated to Feb 25th.

Noticed the release date has updated. No info on the ship/delivery date yet. It just says “Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S.” which is just as uninformative as the previous message since I live in the U.S. and it theoretically should be a non-issue.

Nope, mine still says they need more information before they can provide a ship date. How inconsistent can this be!? Really hoping to get back from work on Wednesday and load up my code an
And play after dinner… Really don’t want to buy the game twice!

Hope you hear good news before then. :slight_smile: